Fuschia pink glass beads and design ideas!

I had featured some fuschia pink bead “triples” several months back see post here – and just recently started playing with fuschia again. Sometimes that rich, bright color is just what you need!

fuschia glass beads and design ideas for earrings

Yes, I love to try new combinations – almost at random. The center design shows simple, small round glass beads hand wired (using inexpensive gold craft wire) to a teardrop bead. None of the colors match. And yet, isn’t it kind of interesting? I thought so. And of course, you could “randomly” choose colors that are just what you need for a special outfit…

That’s the fun of making your own jewelry (and having lots of bits and pieces from previous projects!) You can try stuff. You can create your own look. You don’t have to spend a lot of money.

That’s a win 🙂

Golden brass sparrows

I’ve talked about these adorable sparrow connectors before but I just wanted to take a moment to show you how pretty the golden (raw) brass birds are:

golden raw brass sparrow connector charms

They really do make terrific earring links or dangles – or connectors for your necklace or bracelet. They’re versatile and work with so many styles.

But – small tip – you can also clip off one ring, file the ends gently, and use them “as is” for earrings. Pretty little golden birds, just a touch whimsical, and of course as earrings they go with practically everything. Plus, they’re lightweight and inexpensive. This really is a win!

Crystal bridal necklace design

This is a design I love – and my customers have been pretty happy with it too 🙂 These crystal (glass) octagons are pointed back cabochons, glass jewels that measure 14mm x 10mm (approx. 5/8″ x 3/8″). They’re well faceted, sparkly, and feminine.

crystal octagon silver necklace

And here’s the even-cooler part. Take this same basic design, and instead of adding silver(y) chain, attach a clasp.

crystal octagon silver bracelet

And presto, you’ve got a gorgeous bracelet! Hint: try this. When you’re making the necklace, instead of adding the chain to the octagons with a jump ring – use spring rings instead. Made that way, you can attach the chain to the jump rings anytime you want to wear your necklace. Or you can leave the chain off, clasp the spring rings *to each other*, and wear your octagons as a bracelet! (I’ll do up a pic soon and add it here.)

Double sparkly goodness for your prom, your Saturday night date… or your wedding. Win!

Glass Gem color combinations

I was playing with glass gems again, trying unusual color combinations to see how they’d look together. Sometimes that doesn’t work, of course – but sometimes we learn stuff and find very cool combos. I think this are kinda cool together 🙂

glass gem colors

I think those jewels, linked with small jumprings or hand wired, would make fabulous dangling earrings. Or use them for one end of a lariat necklace!

Have fun with colors. Life is too short to always do the same old same old, yknow what I mean?

Blackened Brass Heart Charms

I recently found some smallish, adorable brass heart charms, both golden raw brass ones and deeply blackened hearts. I think the possibilities with these are endless!

blackened brass heart charms

Well, okay, maybe not endless. But varied, and interesting. I was thinking how cool these would look, paired with a vivid glass charm in red, or maybe a hand-wired white pearl dangle. I’m going to try a few ideas and will post them here later.

Heart charms are always in style, you know? They’re feminine and seasonless – and for easy, fun earrings? A win 🙂

Playing with new materials – resin roses

These 13mm (1/2″) resin roses aren/t precious – they’re just pretty 🙂 And they combine beautifully with antiqued brass, with filigrees, with glass. I’ve purchased a few and I’m going to be trying out a few ideas.

13mm or 1/2

I’ll be listing a few more colors – and playing with some roses / jewel combos. So stay tuned for a bit (or check a little later..)

(aren’t they cute?)

Brass sparrow connectors

These brass sparrow two-ring connectors (in one incarnation or another) have been popular for a while now – they aren’t as trendy as foxes, or as last-season as owls: they’re a perennial favorite. And this particular batch is lightweight enough that they’re wonderful for earring dangles and connectors. They have a vintage patina (though are actually new brass) – the antiqued look is always in style.

patina brass sparrow connector links
brass sparrow connectors shown with ruby glass jewels

They’re available in blackened brass (newly popular this year) or golden raw brass as well – and they add a fresh, pretty touch to your earrings. And of course they’re fabulous for links in your bracelets or necklaces.

Easy. Inexpensive. Fun. This is a win 🙂

The beauty of contrasts – DIY jewelry design

Just another example of how contrasts make all your elements look better:

black filigree ornament and clear crystal glass jewel

You see what I mean? Whether this filigree-style “ornament” or another, the drama of using black with clear jewels adds a little extra something. These clear glass ovals are nicely faceted – the light and sparkle add just enough pizzazz to this combo to make it extra fun for a necklace focal. These were on my worktable – if I was going to make a necklace, I’d use gunmetal chain – or silver – or copper.

Contrasts. Play with stuff. Don’t match all your elements – on purpose. It works!

Jewelry design – mixed metals. Mixed colors.

I know, I’ve said this before – it’s worth repeating. Mix up your colors. Mix your metals. Mix clay and glass. Mix plastic and metal – why not? (Okay, not if you’re paying real gemstone prices.) But for fun stuff – why not?

Here’s another peek at some of the combos I found on my worktable:

mixed jewel colors and mixed metals - DIY earring ideas

The point here is, you don’t have to Match. Copper and silver together? Sure. Brass, copper, silver…. they can all look good. You’re the one who decides. If you like it – it works. If you decide you need those colors – it works.

You’re in charge. You like it? It works.

Your logo on jewelry :-)

A little something different – jewelry that features your logo. It’s fun, totally customized and personalized, and in my other shop I make these, so I figured I ought to mention it 😉

your logo on jewelry - these are Act4Murder logo earrings

And hey, this particular example (made a ways back for Act4Murder dinner theater are even black and white – they’d be great with the vintage halter dress I posted about the other day!

Back to my regularly scheduled vintage and rhinestone goodies.

(The logo earrings are pretty cool, though…)