Vintage Little Black Dress

I found a wonderful LBD the other day:

vintage little black dress from Love Miss Daisy boutique on Etsy

Now I’ll be honest, I was looking for an unpretentious, fun little black dress that would look great with my black-and-white vintage glass jewels that I featured recently (see post here). Then I found this adorable dress, and it’s got a lot more going for it than just “you can wear it with my earring jewels”.

For instance – it’s not dressy, but you could wear it to work – and to party. Or to church, if that’s your thing. It’d be uber-flattering – I don’t care what the momentary style is, that skirt length is GOOD. And the belt shows off your waist. Add a jacket and it’s great in the winter. Unbutton a couple buttons and add strappy flats and it’s a summer dress (it’s linen-ish). So: all around wearable. Cute. And did I mention affordable? Oh yeah – it’s $24 USD!

And available from Love Miss Daisy Vintage boutique on Etsy – and this newish shop has some totally wonderful goodies. I think you’ll want to visit – and bookmark – for some really great finds!

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