Upcycled Fashion

Today I wanted to talk about upcycled fashion – with the emphasis on “fashion”. Also on style, and affordability, and great, unique design.

Case in point:

Upcycled One of a Kind Sleeveless Dress from Great Fabrications SRQ on Etsy

Now this is a great dress. It’s one of a kind – you’re not going to see it on everybody else wearing stuff from the Mall. It looks really comfortable without being all fussy. It’s feminine without being, well, all fussy and cutesy. It’s washable (stop laughing; that’s major important!)

And it’s upcycled – made of fabrics and garments that were discards or rejects or out of style or who knows what – it’s a wholly new dress. And it’s got great style – with the right accessories, a woman from 20 to 50 could wear this dress. Or from 15 to 60. It looks *good* 🙂

This is just what clothing ought to be. A little bit fun and original. Washable. Affordable (try buying handmade garments for less!) Upcycled. And, it looks great.

Lisa at Great Fabrications SRF started her shop focusing on bags (they’re great) – and now is showing us garments as well. This is a trend we want to encourage 🙂

P.S. Lisa has a lovely vintage shop as well – Jay Bird’s Vintage – with some totally yummy items for your home. There’s an aqua pyrex which is totally calling my name….. it may be gone by the time you get there 🙂

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