Crystal AB glass beads, updated

I was talking about crystal AB glass beads recently (see post here and realized I hadn’t added my newest style! I am totally in love with these 🙂

crystal AB glass connector beads

They’re wonderful used with other AB beads – make dangling earrings by combining them with teardrops, for example. But they’are also wonderful with any tiny bead or pearl added to the bottom ring – lightweight and comfy and also totally adorable! I’m going to post some examples soon (stay tuned!)

The sparkle and tiny glints of color are so pretty!

Cushion cut glass beads (jewels)

I’m trying a little experiment over in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop. I’ve made a listing where you can pick any three pairs of “cushion cut” glass beads or jewels in one listing – and you get to choose the color(s).

cushion cut glass beads

I want to see, over say a month’s time, how many times people want three pairs of the same color, or all pastels, or all warm colors, or – well, you get the idea.

And of course I’m offering a little extra incentive – a sale price 🙂

That’s called a win for me, because I learn stuff (and maybe make a few extra sales), and a win for you the customer, because you get just what you want, and you get a really good deal. See? Win!

Crystal AB glass beads and jewels

When you hear someone referring to an “AB” finish on their beads, they’re talking about an “aurora borealis” coating. It’s a treatment that gives glints of many colors over what would otherwise be clear glass. I think it might have originated with Swarovski but by now, most reputable manufacturers have their own version.

crystal AB glass beads and jewels

Add just a bit of glam to your day – don’t spend a lot of money – you know the deal. Try it – I think you’ll like it 😉

Jonquil yellow glass jewels

And just a quick peek at some of the jonquil yellow glass cabochon jewels I’ve got in stock right now. Jonquil is such a lovely crystal!

jonquil yellow glass jewels and cabochons in my Etsy jewelry supplies store

There are a few I haven’t got listed yet, too – so if you’re looking for a particular size or shape, and don’t see it? Please do ask!

Amethyst and Jonquil – Purple and Yellow Glass Jewels

Now don’t get me wrong – I love fine gemstones. Amethyst and jonquil (or citrine) can be truly beautiful. But, you know, if they have good clarity and faceting (the way we love them) they’re also really expensive.

But we can find a lovely alternative, easy peasy 🙂

amethyst and jonquil... purple and yellow glass jewels

Good clarity? That’s what glass does! Good faceting? Just look: These glass gems (pointed back cabochons) have wonderful faceting. And history (some of these are 60 years old – of course, some are about 6 months old, too.)

Once I got over my snobbishness and realized how beautiful cabochons and glass jewels could be, I never looked back. These are gorgeous. And affordable. That’s a win.

Golden topaz glass jewels

Now these are fun! Pretty drops of golden glass in totally different shapes – combine them for a fab pair of earrings 🙂

golden topaz glass jewels in my Etsy shop

Yes, topaz is sometimes considered a “Fall” color – I guess because it’s the November birthstone. But it’s wonderful for Spring. Sunshine, longer days, golden yellow – these are light-filled summertime images for me.

Affordable pretty color – love it!

Crystal bridal necklace design

This is a design I love – and my customers have been pretty happy with it too 🙂 These crystal (glass) octagons are pointed back cabochons, glass jewels that measure 14mm x 10mm (approx. 5/8″ x 3/8″). They’re well faceted, sparkly, and feminine.

crystal octagon silver necklace

And here’s the even-cooler part. Take this same basic design, and instead of adding silver(y) chain, attach a clasp.

crystal octagon silver bracelet

And presto, you’ve got a gorgeous bracelet! Hint: try this. When you’re making the necklace, instead of adding the chain to the octagons with a jump ring – use spring rings instead. Made that way, you can attach the chain to the jump rings anytime you want to wear your necklace. Or you can leave the chain off, clasp the spring rings *to each other*, and wear your octagons as a bracelet! (I’ll do up a pic soon and add it here.)

Double sparkly goodness for your prom, your Saturday night date… or your wedding. Win!

Crystal oval jewels

These pretty oval jewels are crystal pointed back cabochon stones and they are probably the most popular oval jewel I’ve ever found. Such pretty gems! The size is perfect when you don’t want gaudy but you do want sparkly 🙂

crystal oval glass jewels

They’re about 1/2″ long. Demure and girly. Also sparkling and sexy. Kind of the perfect stone. Think how pretty these would be for your wedding earrings, or a tiny lovely pendant on a delicate silver chain.

And if you want something a bit more complex, but still not huge, and still sparkly?You can choose the two-jewel setting. Pair your crystal ovals with a tiny rhinestone (and you choose the color!) Wonderful for wedding jewels – and bridesmaids.

crystal oval glass jewels with two sparkling rhinestones

Or prom. Or Friday night. Or Sunday. Or, well, you get the idea 🙂

Antique Black Brass Settings

I’ve been having a lot of requests lately for antique black brass settings – smoky, brown-black, inky midnight… people are really loving the punk, boho look! And I’m lucky, I’m able to find some good supplies of these black brass settings, so most of my jewels can now be outfitted with your choice of golden raw brass, or antique patina brass, and now blackened brass. Like these:

red glass jewels in black brass settings
peridot glass jewels in blackened brass settings

Puts me in mind of the Orient Express, and Irene Adler for some reason 🙂

And remember, you can ask for any jewels in the blackened brass settings now… I don’t have all the listings updated yet, but the option is definitely available!

Golden smoky topaz glass jewels

The surprise of a more golden “smoky topaz” – I got these recently and was just charmed at their pretty color. Most smoky topaz is a deep – well, smoky – brown, which is a fine rich fall color. Then there’s golden topaz, which is usually golden (yeah, duh, I know), it’s the November birthstone, and has a nice sparkle.

These “golden smoky topaz” are a meld of the two colors – deeper than golden, and with just a lovely rich tone.

golden smoky topaz teardrop pendant

You see what I mean? Just a bit brigher, and cheerier, and well, sparklier. Would love to know what you think of this “new” color!