DIY earring design idea – glass jewels and brass charms

And this is another example of how you can easily combine brass charms – in this case, tiny golden brass acorn charms – with glass jewels. Voila! A DIY earring design idea which of course you are welcome to use – and adapt to your own sense of style.

DIY earring design idea with tiny brass acorn charms and golden tan rhinestone jewels

I’ll try to remember to make this into an actual pair of earrings, not just a design “sketch” – so you can see that these components are tiny. The earrings would be delicate – and small – and of course totally lightweight and comfortable.

And pretty, and affordable. Don’t want to forget that part 🙂

Take this jewelry design idea and adapt it – that’s the fun part!

Stud Earring Jewels

Sometimes you just want to wear a tiny earring – a little sparkle, a little color, but not dangling, not In Your Face – just pretty. Like these 🙂

classic rhinestone and vintage glass stud earring jewels

And yes, I have more colors available in my Etsy shop. Or just ask, if there’s a color and shape you’re looking for – I might have it, or know where to find it.

Really the point is, is that an earring doesn’t have to be massive to be fun. Sometimes little is just right 😉

Golden smoky topaz glass jewels

The surprise of a more golden “smoky topaz” – I got these recently and was just charmed at their pretty color. Most smoky topaz is a deep – well, smoky – brown, which is a fine rich fall color. Then there’s golden topaz, which is usually golden (yeah, duh, I know), it’s the November birthstone, and has a nice sparkle.

These “golden smoky topaz” are a meld of the two colors – deeper than golden, and with just a lovely rich tone.

golden smoky topaz teardrop pendant

You see what I mean? Just a bit brigher, and cheerier, and well, sparklier. Would love to know what you think of this “new” color!

Vivid glass jewels

Just a quick note this time – I wanted to say, Color. Whatever else you add to your wardrobe this fall, whatever accessories you pick up to, well, pick things up a little – remember that color wakes everything up. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

vivid glass jewels in my Etsy shop

Because I sell glass jewels, naturally I thought to show these. A fun pair of earrings to brighten up your black tee and jeans. A pretty solitaire necklace on your LBD.

Or make it a scarf. Or outrageous bright leggings. Or a belt – from the Sally. It doesn’t have to cost much: add some color!