Aqua Vintage Glass Beads or Jewels

The fashion biz – or maybe the entire retail biz – can be funny. Here’s another example of how color names are a little tricky. All these jewels are called “aqua”:

aqua vintage glass beads or jewels in my Etsy shop

And there are even more color variations in the “aqua” jewels in my Etsy shop – I just picked a few examples that I’d photographed on a white background.

From aqua green – to deep turquoise – to light blue – in the jewelry biz, they can all be called “aqua”.

Confusing? Sometimes!

P.S. And you’ll notice my title says “Vintage glass beads or jewels”. It’s funny how we get used to certain phrases…. jewels or stones have no holes, so they’re not “beads”. But we’re used to using “beads” in our jewelry – it’s funny how many people just prefer that term. So sometimes I’m just going to go with the flow – vintage glass beads. Or jewels 🙂

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