Red Glass Jewel Earrings – one design idea :-)

Since my red glass gems are on BOGO sale right now, I thought it would be fun to show one recent earrings style I made to show off just two of the red gem shapes I have available right now.

Of course this is just one design idea – it does show the relative scale and size of these jewels (the mannequin is close to life size). The earrings have some length, and real presence – but they’re not overpowering and heavy.

You’ll style your own ideas, of course – and I’d love to see your creations! But meantime, it never hurts to remember the BOGO sale good through May 14, 2022. Just saying!

Red Glass Gems – a BOGO sale!

I thought of this because ruby red is the birthstone color for July – which is coming up faster than we realize! But really I just think red is a fabulous color. These aren’t all “ruby red” – some are bright red, some are a bit lighter, some are truly ruby red. A lot of that depends on the lighting as well as the stones. But they’re gorgeous red, either way!

And they’re on sale right now! From today through Saturday, May 14, 2022, for every pair of red glass jewels you buy (or red pendant) you get a pair, or pendant, for free. BOGO sales are the best time to buy, yknow?

All you have to do to get your freebie is send a note to me when you make a purchase – I’ll get back to you quickly to confirm your freebie. And ship it quickly. (Good only while supplies last!)

Sheer sapphire blue glass gems – on sale

I just wanted to share one more pic of some of the “blue glass gems” I have on sale right now. Yes, these are part of my “Buy one get one free” sale that runs through day after tomorrow.

And all you have to do is order any one pair, or pendant – and you can get another pair or pendant, for free. Just remember to mention this blog post in the Notes to Seller when you order.

This offer is good through Tuesday, April 12, 2022, and is limited to supplies on hand. Have fun shopping!

P.S. If any of these jewels is gone from my shop, send me a note – I might have some left and haven’t had a chance to relist. Can’t hurt to ask!

Blue Glass Jewels on sale!

Just wanted to announce that right now, the blue glass gems in my shop are on sale! Earring jewels, pendants, glass connectors… check them out!

Blue is gorgeous, whether it’s ocean blue, deep midnight navy, sapphire, aqua, teal… you name it. And I’m celebrating the color this week. If it’s blue, and in my shop? It’s on sale.

Buy one – one pair, or one pendant – and you can get another pair or pendant, for free. All you have to do is mention this blog post in the Notes to Seller when you order, and mention you want your freebie. That’s it!

This offer is good through Tuesday, April 12, 2022, and is limited to supplies on hand. You might not want to wait!

P.S. I’m going to post some more pics to show you what’s on sale – so check back soon 😉

Aqua Glass Gems – on Sale

I thought I would show here, a few of the aqua glass gems available in my shop. Why now? Because the birthstone color for March is aquamarine. And aqua is beautiful all year round, of course 🙂

aquamarine and aqua glass gems available in my online jewelry supplies Etsy shop

And – they’re on sale 🙂

From now through midnight on Monday, February 7, 2022, when you buy any aqua glass stones (jewels, beads or gems) in my shop, you can get a second pair free. Or a second pendant. You name it – you buy one, you get one free. You have to ask though – just send me a note when you order, remind me of the sale I’m mentioning here, and I’ll send your freebies!

Aqua birthstone color. Faceted jewels on sale. This is a win!

Classic “Cushion Cut” Octagons – and a BOGO sale!

The term “cushion cut” for gemstones has been around for over 200 years – it’s a classic square octagon with rounded corners. In the first century jewelers used it, the cushion cut was more popular than round stones. Of course it was used for diamonds and other precious (expensive!) gemstones.

Today we’re lucky. We can have beautiful “cushion cut” faceted stones made of glass – and rather than the thousands of dollars that a classic cushion cut diamond could cost, these faceted rhinestones are available for only a few dollars. They’re pretty fabulous!

My pic here shows just a few of the colors I have available in cushion cut glass stones. Just click on the pic to see more in my shop!

some of the colors of cushion cut rhinestone jewels available in my Etsy through to see more

And just as a little added bonus, the cushion cut octagons in my shop are available in a BOGO sale – buy one pair, and you get a second pair of the same color for free! When you order, just remind me to send your second pair free. Or if you order two pairs, get two pairs free. You get the idea!

This sale lasts through midnight on Friday, January 21, 2022, and only while supplies last. So you might not want to wait. Just saying 😉

New DIY Earrings Design Idea

You know I often (okay, really often) like to use more than one color in my earrings. I like to contrast colors and shapes, just because color is fun. But you also know that I like to break my own rules. A single color can have major design impact!

Case in point: these pretty black diamond earrings. Use two different shapes – today, I combined diamond shape and larger ovals – link them with jump rings – and voila! You’ve got fabulous earrings.

new earrings design idea featuring two shapes of faceted black diamond glass gems

And just a little bonus: order the ovals and you get the diamond shapes for free. Just send a note when you order! The offer’s good through next Wednesday, January 12, 2002. Try it – you’ll love these black diamond earrings!

Happy 2022 (and yes, a BOGO sale!)

It’s a new year – and we could all use a good, prosperous, peaceful (and fingers crossed, virus-free!) New Year. Let’s make that a goal as best we can 🙂

And with that in mind – well, a happy and prosperous new year – I’m starting 2022 off with a sale! Buy any two items in my shop (pairs of jewels, pendants, findings, charms, you name it) and get another item free!

sale on items in my online jewelry supplies shop

After you order any two items, just send me a convo on Etsy, or an email, and tell me what item you want for free! And if you buy four items, you get two freebies. You get the idea!

This sale lasts through midnight on Monday, January 10, 2022 (feels weird to write that number!) And it’s while supplies last, so you might want to take advantage.

Let’s have a great year. I’ll give it a good try – you too, y’hear?

Neutral Glass Gem Earrings and a BOGO sale!

Here’s an example of totally neutral colors in a new earring design. These are classic shapes – rounds and octagons. The combination is classy, simple, and inexpensive. This works!

black diamond octagons and crystal round glass gems in a do it yourself earrings design

Really I just wanted to show that earrings don’t have to have bright colors to be fabulous. You could wear these all year round – with any color – and they’ll be a great addition to your outfit. Or your customer’s outfit. Just saying…

And these gems are on sale through Friday, November 26, 2021! Buy any pair of the black diamond 14x10mm octagons (in your choice of settings color) – and the crystal 10mm round gems are free. You just have to send a message and ask!

Great DIY earrings – and super sale prices – this is great do it yourself jewelry!

Red and Green Christmas Beads on sale!

More pretty red and green glass gems are on sale through this weekend! And I deliberately chose (for this pic) jewels that are sheer – and foil backed. And different shapes. These could be combined in so many creative ways (that’s your thing!) – and of course there are many more to choose from in my Etsy shop.

favorite christmas colors red and green glass gems on sale this weekend

Christmas is only five weeks away! So this is a great time to get some gorgeous red and green glass jewels (or beads!) – and right now they’re on sale too.

From today through midnight on Sunday, November 21, 2021, if you buy any of my glass gems in red or green, just send me a message and tell me what pair you want for FREE! Equal or lesser value, and it’s limited to stock on hand. But I’ve resupplied so I’ve got quite a few red and green glass gems. They’re beautiful – and on sale. Go for it!