Sapphire Glass Jewels – DIY Earring Design Idea

Sapphire blue is one of the most popular glass jewel colors in my Etsy shop. It’s a beautiful, rich color, flattering to most skin tones, and really works in year-round jewelry.

This earring design idea features two shapes of sapphire glass jewels – 12mm x 12mm cushion cut octagons (a classic faceted square octagon with rounded corners) paired with 18mm x 13mm faceted teardrops. These earrings would be approximately 2″ long – large enough to have real presence, but not super heavy. And sapphire blue is the birthstone color for September. Just in case that’s useful to remember…

Easy DIY earrings to make, that are also easy and flattering to wear!

Crystal Oval Necklace – a great jewelry design

This oval crystal necklace is a classic. It’s a simple design – find a beautiful faceted oval glass gem, add a sturdy jump ring to the loop at the top of the setting, and slide the oval pendant on a chain.

And that’s it! Of course you need to use a beautiful pendant – you want something that will be a star on its own, without needing a lot of embellishment. The chain helps too – in this case, I used simple plated cable chain but I used two strands. It adds something extra without a lot of work.

Really I wanted to illustrate that good design – and beautiful jewelry – doesn’t have to be time consuming, or fussy. Simple and classic works.

Think how beautiful this necklace would be on a bride! (And you know, whether it’s a gift to the bride, or she makes her own jewelry, she isn’t going to mind saving some money!)

Cushion Cut Octagons – Sheer Glass Gems

These “cushion cut” octagons are one of the most popular size and shapeglass gems in my Etsy Shop. The term “cushion cut” means a square octagon with rounded corners. It’s a classic faceted shape, popular from the late 1800s on (maybe earlier!) It’s a versatile size and shape – great for earring drops, glass connectors, and pendants.

These sheer stones, with no foil back, are a bit quieter and subtler than the foiled stones. They’re delicate, feminine, and I’m getting a really good vibe from my customers about them. Stay tuned, I’m going to get more colors in!

I recently talked to a bride who wanted crystal gems for herself – and birthstone colors for her bridesmaids, all in a similar shape. These 12mm cushion cut stones worked wonderfully for her. And it’s a concept that could be adapted for other gift ideas.

Check out the other colors I have available right now – and as always, if you’re searching for one and can’t find it? Ask me – I might have some stashed!

Stud and Button Earring Jewels

These are just a few of the jewels in my shop that are great for stud or button earrings. Of course, any jewels that can be placed in “no ring” settings can be made into stud earrings. Usually they’re smallish to medium size (though if you want some 18x13mm octagons for strong, bold button earrings, let me know – I still have some of those settings available with no rings).

There’s something bold about button earrings. They have to carry the whole design with just their shape and color – and you know, it really works. Use a good glue to attach earring studs to the back of these settings, allow it time to dry, and your earrings are ready to wear.

These are feminine, strong and pretty – and don’t dangle and get in the way when you’re working. Sometimes that’s an advantage!

Emerald Glass Jewels – the May birthstone color

Emerald green is the May birthstone color. This is a good reason to be shopping for emerald glass gems. But even more? Emerald is so flattering!

Some greens can be, let’s say challenging. Loden green, olivine, lime green, all have undertones that are sometimes difficult for some people to love. But emerald? Is one of the easiest colors to wear. It’s flattering to pale skin, to dark skin, to redheads, to gray hair, to… well you name it. It’s rich and wearable and flattering.

And a customer favorite. Check out the gems I have available right now (click on the pic above). And if there’s a shape you’re looking for and don’t see? Send me a note – I might have some stashed!

DIY Necklace Design – with Removable Pendant

I’ve used this necklace design in the past – but I don’t think I ever described what I think is a very important design element. The pendant is removeable!

imagine using other colors or shapes, just for example…

So. With this particular pendant, you have a red-and-silver necklace, featuring an oval pendant on multiple layers of chain. But you could also remove the pendant, and have a silver multi-chain necklace that’ll go with half the outfits in your closet.

The extra cool idea is that you could buy – or create – other pendants to slip on the chain. Presto – multiple necklaces!

Now that’s a win 😉

Aqua Glass Gem Earrings

Just one more post about aqua glass gems – I thought I would show how these aqua octagon gems available in my shop
look when worn as earrings 🙂

aqua earrings made with faceted 18mm x 13mm octagon glass gems

The mannequin used in these pics is close to life size – so you can get an idea of scale. And I think this pic illustrates wonderfully, how great the glass gems are when used “as is”. You don’t need to do a lot of fussy work.

This doesn’t have to be a time-consuming stressful operation. Choose your glass gems, add earwires, and Presto! Gorgeous earrings.

Birthstone Colors for Customized DIY Jewelry

I thought it might be handy to post the birthstone colors for each month of the year – this pic is the first one, to show birthstones from January through April:

birthstone colors for the months January, February, March and April

Right now it’s a little late for January birthstone gifts, since this is the last day of January 2022 (how is that possible!) – but it’s always good to know what colors are on point. And February, March and April birthstones are good to know about too.

Come back soon to see birthstone colors for the rest of the year!

Amethyst Glass Gems – see more Purple in 2022

I deliberately made a point to show different colors here, of the amethyst purple beads and jewels in my glass gem collection. (And actually there are more!) Amethyst purple jewels can be sheer with no foil back, they can be a lighter warmer purple, or deep rich dark purple. And this is only a partial sample of the different amethyst colors you can find in glass gems.

amethyst glass gems available through my through to see more colors

Of course you can find closely-matching colors – if you click on the pic you’ll see many examles. But sometimes it’s more fun to use various shades of one color, or one color family.

That way you don’t have to worry if your earrings aren’t exactly the same shade as your skirt. That’s kind of the point. Colors can look great – and they don’t have to match!

DIY Earrings Design with Aqua Glass Gems

Yes this earrings design features all the same color stones. It’s not my usual choice – but I think these aqua glass jewels are gorgeous together!

Actually there are tiny differences in the color – it’s subtle enough that it’s almost impossible to catch with the camera. Which tells me that people seeing your earrings wouldn’t see the difference either. But either way – very well coordinated color choices, or all the same color – these really work.

do it yourself jewelry design idea featuring three sizes and shapes of aqua glass jewels, all available in my Etsy shop

I know you’ll grab this idea and try your own variations – all crystal jewels, tiny to larger, or all the same shapes in different colors, or… well next time you send a note, you tell me! What combination of stones worked in your new earrings? I’d love to hear!