DIY Earring Design – emerald and silver!

This simple, fun earring design has two main components: silver plated leaf charms that are a bit under 1″ long, and 10mm rivoli faceted, emerald green glass stones, linked to hang from a large ring. The elements complement each other beautifully!

Of course you can choose any color glass jewel that you love (or that you have on your work table!) I do think the 10mm round stones are a pretty contrast to the slightly longer silver leaf charms. But as always, you’ll adapt this idea using your favorite stones and shapes.

Will love to see what designs you come up with!

Crystal Oval Pendant with Flower

The golden brass flower connector in this pendant is one of my favorite charms. It’s so pretty – and useful. I’ve used it in necklace designs as shown, and it works for earrings too. Add a small jewel dangle and you’ve got your new favorite pair of earrings!

I have a few more colors of that faceted oval pendant – if you don’t see the color you need, send me a note – I might have some stashed!

Sapphire Glass Jewels – and a BOGO sale!

It’s fun to have sales! Fun for me to reach new customers (and to give an even better deal to my current customers) – and of course it’s fun to buy something you really love and get it at a sale price!

So my deal this week, from today through midnight on Monday, August 7, 2023, is when you buy a pair of sapphire blue glass stones in my shop (or a sapphire blue pendant jewel) you get a second pair for free! All you have to do is make your purchase and then email or convo me (on Etsy) mentioning this blog post, and then let me know what freebie you want.

Buy one pendant? Get a second for free. Buy a pendant and three pairs of earring jewels? Get four freebies. Only while supplies last, but I’ve got a good stash. Such a deal!

Crystal Diamond and Red Pear Earrings – DIY Jewelry

Here’s another example of a pair of earrings that’s easy to make, uses classic shapes in a new combination, is very flattering to wear, and can be adapted to use your own favorite colors and shapes – of course. It’s the idea of interesting combinations that’s really highlighted here!

One of the things I like best about these earrings (well besides the fact that they’re easy to make and don’t cost a lot!) is the combination of sparkling diamond shapes with the opaque red teardrops. An unexpected contrast like that adds a little extra dimension, yknow?

So as always, the goal is (1) low cost, (2) easy to create (and you’ll add your own spin to that of course) and (3) gorgeous earrings. Like I said before – this is a win!

Sheer Glass Pendants for DIY Jewelry

I love pretty jewelry. You probably figured that out. I love affordable jewelry (ditto). And I specially love pretty, affordable jewelry that is easy to make!

The pic here shows just a few of the faceted glass pear or teardrop pendants I have available right now. The sheer jewels just have a delicacy, a prettiness, that I appreciate (and my customers seem to agree). Of course if there’s a color you’re looking for and you don’t see it, click on the pic and message me – the link’s at upper right. Can’t hurt to ask (and no I won’t spam you, really truly!)

We have enough challenges and stresses in this world – isn’t it nice to have something, to create something, that’s pretty and will be a much-loved gift – and you don’t have to work hard to make it?

DIY Red Faceted Glass Earrings

In this earring design idea, I combined a simple glass gem with large jump rings – easy to find (or you could use any metal drops or rings). Combining glass gems with metal elements, especially in different shapes or sizes, adds a bit of surprise and a fun contrast.

The fun part of course is using your own elements and combining them in new ways. Yesterday I mentioned pulling stones that might be scattered on your workbench, and adding surprises – like metal jumps. Maybe use two or three rings, to create a longer earring and a bit of extra movement. Maybe use six of them. These wil be do-it-yourself earrings in *your* style – play with the idea and make it your own!

Earring Design Idea – Glass Cushion Cut Octagons and Pears

This DIY earring design idea came about because I had some jewels on my worktable and I was playing around. Isn’t that the way a lot of designs are born? I love using color, and the peridot green and sheer sapphire blue shown here are a classic combination. Which doesn’t matter at all – the only combination that matters is one that you like!

I think these really work well together though 🙂 You know you wear blue and green together a lot – well I do and I don’t think I’m weird (not about that anyway). The colors are complementary and they work! And these two shapes are a good combo too.

Do what I did – pull out some stones, gems and beads on your worktable, and try new combinations. You’ll find some that you love!

Glass Faceted Pear or Teardrop Jewels for DIY Jewelry – Part Two

And I did mention I would be posting more colors of the 14mm x 10mm faceted teardrops I have available in my shop, yes? Here are more colors I have right now. One note I meant to mention: if any of the pears you like are foiled back, but you prefer sheer jewels, just let me know. Most of them have foil that can be removed (there are a few colors for which that doesn’t work well – but only a few.)

The crystal AB (aurora borealis) pears shown in the upper right here are one example of jewels where it doesn’t work to remove the foil backing – if you do that, you basically have clear glass stones with just a bit of aurora finish. But the foil versions are so fabulous, I haven’t found that to be much of a problem!

P.S. And again – if you mention this blog post when you order, you get a “buy-two-pairs, get one pair free” deal! Good through July 21, 2023. Such a deal!

Faceted Glass Pear Jewels for Pendants, Connectors and Earrings

In this pic I’m featuring some of the 14mm x 10mm (5/8″ x 3/8″) faceted glass or rhinestone pears I have in my shop right now. I’ll add more pics soon, as I absolutely have more colors available! But these are customer favorites:

Some are re-supply, some are new (the olivine green shown here are a new size for my shop, and the color is brighter. Pretty isn’t it! And the new supply I have of fuschia pears are wonderful quality in a color that acan be hard to find. Check them out!

P.S. And if you mention this blog post when you order, you get a “buy-two-pairs, get one pair free” deal! Good through July 21, 2023. Don’t wait…!

Crystal clear glass gems for your DIY jewelry

I just wanted to show a totally classic earring design – “classic” meaning it uses faceted clear glass (rhinestone) gems in two simple, classic shapes. Combine ovals and diamonds as shown in this example, and you have a lovely pair of DIY earrings!

Actually the same gems would make a striking necklace, too (or add another shape or two to make a long, dangling pendant. Gorgeous!) Really I just wanted to illustrate that by combining simmple gem shapes using this design idea – or adapting it to your own creative ideas – you’ll have some fabulous jewelry for a low cost.

P.S. And talk about wonderful bridal and wedding jewelry. Just saying!