Navy Blue Glass Teardrops in a New Size

New in my shop! These montana sapphire or navy blue glass gems are a graceful teardrop shape. They’re wonderful for pendants and earrings, and because they’re also available in two ring setting styles, they’re terrific glass connectors too.

I’ve had coordinating navy blue teardrops in a larger 18x13mm size (3/4″ x 1/2″) – and they’re very popular. But sometimes you want a more petite jewel, yknow? These are a bit smaller and of course very lightweight. And hint: a pair of these, plus a larger teardrop, make a great pendant-and-earrings jewelry set!

As always, do it yourself and save money. And really, check them out – I think you’ll love them!

Fuschia pink faceted glass connectors!

New in my shop, I just got in these fabulous 8x8mm square, fuschia pink glass gems. Yes, they’re beautifully coordinated with the fuschia gems I have in my shop already. They are not an exact match (like so many gems with the same color name) – just fabulously coordinated and very close in color. And I think you’ll love them!

Fuschia pink has been one of the most popular color glass jewels in my shop for several months now. I’ve got some wonderful teardrops, and faceted rounds, and now I have adorable 8mm x 8mm square glass gems in beautiful fuschia pink. They’re great for glass connectors, and earring drops, and even tiny pendants.

I was only able to get one packet – I think they’re in high demand – and of course I’m searching for more. But right now – they’re here. And a great price. And they’re gorgeous glass gems!

Sheer Glass Pendants – on sale!

The jewels I’m showing off today are sheer faceted glass – in a 25mm x 18mm size that’s fabulous for pendants. And of course you could wear these for earrings as well! They’re not too heavy. They’re a little larger than I usually wear, so I think of them primarily as pendants. Please, do me a favor, and let me know what you think!

These are super affordable always – ranging in price from $2.29 to $3.29. And just for this week, you can get a two-for-one BOGO sale special!

Buy any pendant and you get a second pendant for free. How? Just buy your pendant, then send a “note to seller” to ask for your freebie – just remember to mention this blog post. And if you want a different color for your second pendant, as long as it costs the same or less than your first one – we can do that.

Offer good through midnight my time, on Saturday August 6, 2022. Happy shopping!

Sheer Faceted Glass Teardrops for Pendants and Earrings

I’m totally showing off now – these are just some of the sheer, no foil back glass gems I have available in my shop right now. Faceted pears or teardrops are one of the most popular shapes with my customers (I’d say octagons are the other strong contender) and it’s easy to see why.

The graceful faceted shape lends itself well to pendants or earrings. They’re terrific when combined in clusters with round or bicone gems, but they also do well “as is” – all by themselves. Think of some of your favorite earrings or pendants – then look at these glass gems. I know you recognize the potential!

And it helps of course that these are not expensive. From $2.99 to $3.79, the faceted, sheer glass beads and jewels in my shop are affordable and gorgeous. And that means you can make your favorite jewelry for gifts, for yourself or your customers – and not spend a lot of money. Yes, that’s a win!

Clear Glass Gems for Pendants and Earrings

Here are some more of the clear glass jewels currently available in my shop. I’ve actually been seeing clear jewelry quite often lately, and of course in ready made jewelry the prices range from…well, sort of reasonable to wow that’s a lot of money. And it doesn’t have to be that way!

Clear glass beads (jewels or gems) have several advantages. When they’re well faceted (and these are) they offer a surprising amount of sparkle and presence for transparent glass. Also, you know they go with everything – you’ll never be in the position of “I love this outfit but I don’t have any earrings to go with it!”

And, of course, it’s terrific when your jewelry is affordable. These glass gems range in price from $1.69 to $4.19. That’s it! Create jewelry in your own style. And don’t spend a lot of money. That’s totally a win!

Black and White Necklace Design Idea – Classic Style

This is a classic necklace design idea – use interesting beads or gems, linked together, to form a necklace chain. Add a fabulous pendant. Voila: great necklace design, easy to make and flattering to wear!

It’s also classic to use black and white stones or gems. How many times are we wearing black to work – jacket, dress, pants and shirt – and we need something to complement that black without seeming all dark and gloomy? Like I said – black and white, a great combo that adds interest and looks great!

P.S. I think this just needs to be said once in a while. Great jewelry does not have to be made with diamonds, gold, and pearls. Yes those can be wonderful. But so is individuality, personal style, and affordability. And feeling happy with your jewelry. And loving that you made it yourself (or gave it as a gift!) and did NOT have to spend your rent money to do it. Make your jewelry. Love your jewelry!

Pink Glass Gems – on Sale!

It’s always interesting when I offer a new color of glass gems on sale – new for the sale, I mean (some of these are vintage gems, and yes, some are new). This week the color is Pink.

Now of course I’m biased – and possibly weird. If it’s not something I like, I don’t buy it, even to sell in my shop. I have to like it, first. Or love it. And pink is not even my favorite color – I tend toward aqua and emerald. But these really are gorgeous! They have wonderful sparkle, and are a true enough pink that they’re flattering on most skin colors. So what I’m saying – these are flattering, pretty glass gems.

And they’re on sale in my shop from today through midnight on Friday, July 15, 2022. Buy one pair of pink glass gems and you can request a second pair free. Buy a pink pendant and the second one is free. You just have to mention this blog post when you buy – and then send me a note to let me know what freebie you want!

Now that is a great deal!

New Earrings Design Idea – Sapphire and Peridot

I just tried out a new earrings design idea, deliberately using glass jewels that were similar in size, and trying to find colors that had glam without being huge and heavy. I think these earrings work!

The glass gems here are sapphire blue glass octagons that measure 14mm x 10mm – that’s about 5/8″ x 3/8″. I paired them with peridot green vintage glass ovals that are 12mm x 10mm (close to 1/2″ x 3/8″). Blue and green are colors I wear together lots of times, and I think other women do too, I’m not just being weird. Yes, I like to try more unusual color combinations sometimes… but here, blue and green. Totally work together!

You can change the sizes and shapes of the jewels, of course – this design is just a suggestion of jewels to combine. You’ll use your own color style, and design choices. And not have to spend a huge amount of money, and have *exactly* what you want. That’s the way it’s supposed to work!

Customize your Glass Jewels, Part 2

Several days ago I featured multi-stone glass gems in my Etsy shop. And I think I mentioned I’d be showcasing more of these multistone glass gems, later on. Well that’s what I’m doing today!

These examples feature a few more of the multi stone gems I have in my shop – and like the previous entries, these can be customized easily by changing the color of the tiny stone. So if your sister loves navy blue and purple, you could request amethyst purple tiny stones combined with montana sapphire, or navy blue, glass pears. And that’s just an example of the possible customizations!

You know best what works for you, and your friends and customers – and now you realize just how easy it is to customize these jewels. Don’t spend a lot of money, create jewelry the way you want it – that’s absolutely how it should work!

Golden Topaz Vintage Glass Pendants – Clearance Sale!

These sheer golden topaz glass penants are on clearance sale in my Etsy shop. Now there’s a reason. When I pulled out my last packet of these pendants recently, I noticed many of them (okay, most) had tiny scratches on the ‘face’ – the top faceting. I didn’t even see the scratches until I was looking through my magnifying light. They’re small, and unobtrusive – but the scratches are there.

The scratches certainly wouldn’t stop me from using these pendants – and I’m pretty fussy. These are true vintage, somewhere over 50 years old. The original package they came in (and this is a very reliable vendor) had a telephone number that did *not* include an area code. So the pendants predate 1951. I love using vintage – we aren’t creating a new carbon footprint and that’s great. But even more, these are gorgeous, and yes they show their age a bit. I know it’s a cliche – but to me, that really adds to the charm!

Anyway if you’re looking for vintage glass gems, and you’re looking for golden topaz – these could be exactly what you need. Of course this is limited to stock on hand – when they’re gone, they’re gone. I think you’ll love them!