Upcycled Fashion – the best kind

So you know I think recycling and UPcycling is super important. I also like to wear fun clothes that are functional and have style! Put these two ideas together and you get this cute cardigan:

upcycled wrap cardigan from Rebirth Recycling shop at Etsy

Is that not an adorable top? I like the way you could wear it year round. Right now I think it’d be great with even more color – a turquoise pencil skirt, or a bright red circle skirt, and of course one can always use more stuff to wear with blue jeans!

I found it at Rebirth Recycling on Etsy. To me it’s a major plus that Tina, the owner and designer, is making her garments using recycled and upcycled materials. Her work is original, she’s got rave reviews for the quality of her work and her customer service too – and her stuff is affordable!

Like I said, the very best kind of fashion 🙂

Recycled Cashmere Scarf – warm and gorgeous

Now this scarf is beautiful and I love the colors – but really, she had me at “recycled” and “cashmere”. My favorite thing – recycled, reused, smart choices – and then: cashmere. This is to love.

recycled cashmere sweater scraps into scarf

It’s available from WormeWoole – Eco Chic Accessories shop on Etsy and the artist / maker / owner Sara has a shop full of yummy recycled and repurposed treasures. You can request your favorite colors, or find accessories for your house or for gifts.

And may I repeat? Recycled. And cashmere. Love!

Upcycled Eco Clothing – the very best kind

Well. Christmas is over, the packages open, the games played with, the sleepiness from too-much-food, the hugs and arguments and mess and cleanup and fun of Christmas was yesterday. Today it’s time to rest and relax and maybe, in the corner of your brain, think of where you’d like to go in the next year.

For me, that includes upcycled and recycled items – you know the mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle. Everything we can do in that regard is good for the planet – or at least better for the planet. And it can be fun and fashionable too.

Case in point: this yummy winter hat.

Upcycled winter hat - eco friendly fashion

One, it looks warm. I am a total yutz about winter (my idea of a GOOD winter day is one where I have to wear sleeves. Maybe socks) – so warm is an absolute requirement for me when it’s cold outside. Two, it’s cute. Three, and top of the list really, is that it’s upcycled. I found it at Glorious Morn – a terrific shop on Etsy which features vintage, upcycled, and handmade wearables. The artist-maker-shop owner, Sue, has lots of hats and scarves to choose from – all fun, cute, and upcycled.

You’ll love them – and it’s cold outside. Go peek!

P.S. And then of course, there’s her vintage clothing… yeah, you’re going to have fun over there!

Refashioned and Recycled: Shirt into Apron

Okay, this is one of the reasons I love Etsy. Well, besides the fact that I sell stuff there. Because I can find original, practical, affordable, and way cool gifts like this one.

Refashioned Shirt Into Apron

This used to be a guy’s shirt. Now it’s an apron. This has so much going for it: the dark blue plaid means it’s not going to show every stain it gets. It’s washable. It’s practical if you cook. Wouldn’t you rather wear this refashioned, fun, useful apron while you’re cooking, and not get olive oil on your best jeans or dress-you-wore-to-work? And, major plus, it’s CUTE.

And it’s refashioned: a double-bonus major plus. Judy, the owner of the wonderful Sew It Was shop on Etsy, has made it the focus of her shop: she takes old garments and gives them new life. New FUN life. New useful life.

Also, if I might point out, super affordable life. These are all pluses I wanted to mention.

But most of all, I like this garment – and I could use it – and I bet you know a couple other people who would love it!

Recycle and Refashion – for the Home

One more brillig idea for your home – this one is so handy and so cheap, you’re totally going to be inspired. Trust me 😉

Found at my favorite, Apartment Therapy comes this fabulous redo. From this:

Before and After furniture redo.... tv cart or microwave cart

To this:

Before and After.... furniture redo from tv cart to bedside table

From something you’ll find for free on Craigslist, or maybe $3.00 at a garage sale – an old TV or microwave cart. And with a small amount of work – cleaning, a bit of paint, some wallpaper or other patterned paper (recycled magazine pages? wrapping paper?) – maybe some drawer pulls – presto! You have a charming, attractive, useful new piece of furniture that you’ll be proud to call your own!

And to say “I did it myself!”. You know: priceless 🙂

Upcycled and Recycled Women’s Clothing

Okay, you know I love upcycling and recycling and refashioning – it just makes sense to me. But it can take an artist to make it work well. Well today I found an artist like that 🙂

Upcycled refashioned womens vest or top

Womens upcycled skirt - refashioned and recycled fabric

Aren’t these pieces wonderful? I love the detailing with the coordinated fabrics, the serged finish on each swatch of fabric, and the skill she’s used in building these pieces.

And of course, there’s the all-important fact that she’s designed and made these with fabrics and garments that were discarded throwaways. Like I said – it take an artist to see the beauty and create these. The artist is Susan Temple of MargoSue Studio on Etsy. She’s got some great work in her shop – and her prices are so reasonable it’s almost scandalous. Go shopping!

P.S. Note for people who don’t sew – no, it is not easier to build new garments from upcycled fabrics or garments. It takes more skill, not less! Take it from someone who does sew. I appreciate this work!

Recycle Reuse Repurpose – Vintage DIY for the Home

You know I love vintage, and the idea of recycling and reusing things that we think of as “throwaways”. And if that idea helps me add personal style to my home – and storage – and organization! – well I am definitely interested.

Case in point – you know all those old dressers advertised free on Craigslist? Or at the garage sale for $5.00? Do NOT overlook these – they have potential!

Repurposed Chest of Drawers - with no drawers
Repurposed Chest of Drawers – with no drawers

Now, in this pic they’re using the repurposed chest of drawers to hold knickknacks and decorative stuff. I’d turn it into a bookcase or to hold bins and boxes in a craft room. But still, you get the idea. It’s totally useable – and cute – and probably cost next to nothing.

And! If you have just one or two of the drawers, why you can re-purpose those too. Lots of ideas out there – here’s one I thought would be super useful:

Repurposed Dresser Drawer to make new storage unit

Bathroom storage! Or, well, wherever you need it. Notice they didn’t remove the old drawer pulls – which I think is charming. And also – the dowel added as a towel rack. Like I said – useful 🙂

These ideas are not original with me – I am mining Pinterest for tons of wonderful ideas. The link goes to my Pinterest page – a window into the wonderful, useful, fun world of Pinterest ideas. Love it!