Earring design idea – classic brass filigree and rhinestones

I couldn’t resist showing another example of how great earrings can be when they’re made with brass filigree and faceted rhinestones. It’s so useful when you find an “ornament” (charm, filigree, or other element) to pair with your glass jewels – it opens a whole new design dimension.

DIY earring design idea featuring sapphire blue cushion cut rhinestones paired with brass filigree ornaments

The filigrees in this example have a light patina – but deep bronze, or light golden brass, would also be beautiful. And of course you can customize the jewel colors to make your customer – or your mom – or you! – happy 🙂

Inexpensive, easy to create, and customizable – this is a terrific DIY earring design idea!

Brass sparrow connectors

These brass sparrow two-ring connectors (in one incarnation or another) have been popular for a while now – they aren’t as trendy as foxes, or as last-season as owls: they’re a perennial favorite. And this particular batch is lightweight enough that they’re wonderful for earring dangles and connectors. They have a vintage patina (though are actually new brass) – the antiqued look is always in style.

patina brass sparrow connector links
brass sparrow connectors shown with ruby glass jewels

They’re available in blackened brass (newly popular this year) or golden raw brass as well – and they add a fresh, pretty touch to your earrings. And of course they’re fabulous for links in your bracelets or necklaces.

Easy. Inexpensive. Fun. This is a win 🙂

Golden brass butterfly charms – made in the USA

You know, there are beautiful jewelry supplies from all over the world. But I have to say, I think our jewelry manufacturers in the eastern USA (Rhode Island and Massachusetts primarily, I believe) really do make the finest brass filigree in the world.

Case in point: these beautiful brass filigree butterfly charms. Look at the detail!

golden brass filigree butterfly charms

They’re delicate (but not flimsy). They’re perfect as slightly asymetric earrings ‘as is’ – and are wonderful with added jewels or pearls. This is what fun, attractive, and affordable jewelry making is all about – easy and pretty!

Brass filigree and cabochon pendant

There’s something timeless about patina brass filigrees paired with pretty cabochon jewels. This pendant could have been worn on the Orient Express – in the 1900s (well almost!)

brass filigree and glass cabochon pendant

The brass filigree layers are actually new brass – the laurel leaf pendant base is actually from a die, or pattern, from the early 1900s. That’s the beauty of the filigrees – it’s quality USA made brass with modern specs – and vintage design. The best of both worlds 😉

I’ve got several filigree pendants right now – some are one of a kind, some I’ll be able to re-order. I’m hunting for more!