Vintage blue dress is adorable!

I just had to show you this great dress I found! I was actually looking for summer dresses – and this one could be worn in summer – but honestly you could wear it year-round, which is even better. But really, the best part of this dress is that it’s a bit unusual, it’s lovely, it’s affordable, and did I mention it’s so cute? I mean come on, that matters!

vintage blue dress at Kitten Surprise Vintage

It’s available at Kitten Surprise Vintage at Etsy, and the owner/curator Marjorie really knows how to find vintage goodies! Not to mention, her prices are good-to-terrific, and she includes clear pics that show the details you need to make an informed online buying decision.

Bottom line though – is she’s got great stuff – and this dress? Love it!

Vintage summer dress – so cute!

You know I think vintage shopping is the best – and this cute summer dress shows you just what I’m talking about 😉


This adorable dress is available from The Hanger and the Log on Etsy. The shop owner, Missy, is new to Etsy – but not new to vintage! The way she puts it, she just loves thrifting, has learned to find cool stuff, and now she’s sharing 🙂

She also is very smart – her pics are clear and give us the details we need to make smart buying decisions. She shows tags, buttonholes, straps – all the good stuff. And admits right up front that she’s not infallible. (And by the way – her prices are so reasonable – and low!)

This is a shop we’ll want to remember – and follow – and support!

Vintage sundress just in time for Spring

I am so in the mood for this dress! It’s a gorgeous vintage sundress. The fabric is polyester, which means yes it’ll be hot on 100 degree days – but the rest of the time (i.e., almost always) it’ll be washable and it won’t wrinkle and it’ll always look good. These things are important!

vintage black and white sundress from PowerofThreeVintage boutique on Etsy

Is that not adorable? And look at the fun details! The spaghetti straps, the little keyhole neckline, the bias cut fabric (you know that moves beautifully!) And not to mention it’s super affordable. It’s available from Power of Three Vintage on Etsy. This is the kind of vintage shopping that’s fun! The shop is a joint operation with three sisters, and they have got a great eye for unique clothing – all featuring black, which is kind of a cool niche – and I think they’re going to be around for a while.

Go shopping – you’ll thank me!

Vintage Hawaiian print maxi dress – great for summer!

And that title really sums it up. Don’t you love this dress? It’s vintage, bright, fun, and did I mention affordable? Yes 🙂

vintage shopping - Hawaiian print maxi dress in size 14 medium to large

I saw this adorable dress at Dynamo Vintage on Etsy, and I am so glad I found this shop! Candice, the shop owner and curator, has a great eye for truly wearable vintage fashion. She gives good clear pics and detailed info – just what you need to make online purchases. On this dress for instance, she shows us the tag size (14! not size 2! Yay!) – but she also gives dimensions in inches, as well as fabric content, where it was made, what sort of closure it has (zipper).

And her model pics show how I’d be wearing this. Add some sunglasses – okay, maybe some killer earrings or bangles – a pair of comfy sandals – and I’d take on the world.

You could wear this dress anyiwhere – and look great. That’s what fashion does – when it works.

This dress works!

Vintage pink prom dress or bridesmaid dress – size 16 – on Sale!

This is a fantastic dress, when you want something festive, formal, feminine – yet modest. Seriously, take a look!

vintage pink prom dress...size 16...on sale

size 16 vintage prom dress...full length picture

Yes, the dress needs to be pressed. So? It is SUCH a great deal (see below!) – and such a great dress – that having to iron it? Not even a problem. Look at that sequin detail, and the lovely neckline, and the flattering waist. And it’s a size 16 – not a size 2! Yes. Love!

I found this wonderful dress over at Well Worn Wardrobe, a vintage boutique on Etsy. The shop owner, Lonita, has some terrific finds, clear pics, and she gives the detailed info you need to make an online purchase. And her current sale goodies – fabulous!

This prom dress, this lovely garment, is on sale for $14.97 plus shipping – I am not kidding! You really need to go visit her shop and find those special buys you’ve been looking for. You will totally thank me!

Prom dress. Party dress. Bridesmaid dress. This dress WORKS.

Vintage rayon sundress…for Spring 2017

I know, I’m jumping the gun a little here. But it’s gray and cold outside, and I’m thinking about warm weather, and spring, and pretty dresses. Like this one 🙂

vintage green rayon sundress

This is just the kind of dress I love for summer. Or spring, with a cardigan maybe. Toss it on, add some sandals or pretty high heels, maybe some earrings – I know where you can find some great earring jewels 😉

You know what I mean – you’re dressed, you look great, and it was easy. Also inexpensive! I found this darling dress at Sunshine Scene on Etsy. Darlene, the shop owner, has some wonderful summery dresses, and she’s going to be expanding her shop – you definitely want to check it out! And this dress, this lovely vintage dress? Costs $25 plus shipping!

Pretty. Summer. Dresses. Great prices. You know you’re going to love it!

Black patent vintage high heels

I was revisiting one of my favorite vintage boutiques on Etsy, Joules Jewels Vintage – oh my I love that shop! And among all the new goodies I found, Jillian is offering these adorable shoes:

black patent leather vintage high heels

And why do I love this shop, you’re asking? (Actually you already halfway know, because you are seeing these shoes.) Well! Her pics are clear and contain the info you need to shop wisely, her prices are fair, her reviews are terrific, and honestly, it’s just FUN to shop there!

And. Those shoes. Really that’s all I need to say.

I haven’t even mentioned yet, the tan leather boots she’s got that oh I wish were my size, and the adorable piggy bank, and the actual Givenchy dress that you just have to see! This is why vintage is so much fun.

This is why we love it.

Vintage suede and faux fur boots

Now this is the best example in the world for why we love vintage. It’s snowing outside, it’s cold, it’s going to be Red Alert Winter for a while, you know?

We want to be warm, and safe (non-skid boots!) – but we also want to look great. And we want our stuff to be special, and a little bit unique if possible, and fun. Fun is important. So! Look at these fabulous boots.

vintage suede and faux fur boots

Are those not wonderful? And they are only $35.00 plus shipping! Trust me, if they were my size, I would be showing you a different item, because these would be already sold. I found them at LesSoeursVintage, a wonderful vintage boutique on Etsy. You really and truly want to go shopping there.

Even after Christmas. You deserve a little goodie for yourself. Like the vintage floor length black dress, or the vintage 1950s Bestform lace-up corset, I’m serious, you have to see it!

Do you get the idea that this could become your favorite vintage shop? Yes. You’re welcome.

And a merry Christmas to you, too 😉

Vintage festival dress, party dress, wedding dress

I found this darling dress while doing a search for “hippie dress”. Now I don’t really consider myself a hippie, or the dresses I love as ‘hippie’ – but comfortable, pretty, flowing dresses are labeled that way right now. So just go with it. This is now officially a ‘hippie dress’.

vintage yellow wedding dress ... festival dress ... party dress

I also think it would be wonderful for a spring wedding dress, or party dress over the holidays (maybe not in the frigid north, but still) – or just a garden dress. Or wear it the way the shop intended – as a “festival dress”. I’d love to go to that festival 😉

I found it at Yellow Bee Vintage, a sweet vintage boutique on Etsy. Nicci, the shop owner, has a terrific eye for value – she has great items, she gives good pics, and includes the detailed info you need to make an online purchase. Not to mention, just as an example, an ivory organza 1950s wedding gown with ruched sleeves for $169.00, I am NOT kidding, and a pair of beaded white wedding gloves for $25.00. You need to check out this shop!

Oh. Did I mention the lovely yellow festival dress is $38.00? Nice little detail there. Now seriously: go shopping. You’ll thank me!

Vintage Caressa Blue Pumps

You were wondering why I love vintage? (Actually you probably weren’t, because you already know how wonderful vintage is). Well these gorgeous pumps give you one fabulous reason.

vintage electric blue leather pumps by Caressa

Now that is a pair of shoes you can be proud to wear. They’re Caressa – I’ve worn that brand – I’ve paid FULL PRICE for that brand! And here they are, in great shape, wearable, beautiful, feminine, and unique. This is why we love vintage: Because we are special and unusual and our stuff should be too. Isn’t that simple?

I found these lovelies at Rocky Mountain Retro , a vintage boutique on Etsy. Lin, the shop owner, has a great eye – and she’s smart enough to give clear pics, including potential issues, so you have the accurate info you need to buy online. It doesn’t hurt that her prices are attractive, too!

Seriously. Electric blue leather pumps that look like these – for $28.00 plus shipping? I’m in love. Not to mention some killer black riding boots, a fringed poncho you will adore, and some truly outrageous sweaters 🙂

Go shopping. You will thank me 🙂