Vintage fitted Jaeger jacket

Now this is why I love vintage! It’s that time of year when I want a jacket. Even if it’s not cold yet – well, not COLD yet – it’s chilly enough that a tee and jeans just won’t cut it. I need a jacket. You need a jacket. Yeah, we do.

So when I find a sexy goodlooking jacket like this – and affordable too? I am a happy camper.

vintage Jaeger navy blue fitted jacket or blazer

Can’t you just see this with jeans? Or a long skirt, as shown in another pic. Or with a bodycon dress for clubbing. I love the 40s feel of the jacket – and knowing that I’m not going to see these in every shop.

This beauty can be found at Zues Vintage – if you don’t wait too long. Scott, the owner/curator, has a great eye for detail – and for good value. You’re going to love his shop!

P.S. Right now he’s got a black velvet, 1980s, slinky, off shoulder, which you need to see. And grab before it’s gone. Just saying. You’ll thank me.

Brass sparrow connectors

These brass sparrow two-ring connectors (in one incarnation or another) have been popular for a while now – they aren’t as trendy as foxes, or as last-season as owls: they’re a perennial favorite. And this particular batch is lightweight enough that they’re wonderful for earring dangles and connectors. They have a vintage patina (though are actually new brass) – the antiqued look is always in style.

patina brass sparrow connector links
brass sparrow connectors shown with ruby glass jewels

They’re available in blackened brass (newly popular this year) or golden raw brass as well – and they add a fresh, pretty touch to your earrings. And of course they’re fabulous for links in your bracelets or necklaces.

Easy. Inexpensive. Fun. This is a win 🙂

Vivid glass jewels

Just a quick note this time – I wanted to say, Color. Whatever else you add to your wardrobe this fall, whatever accessories you pick up to, well, pick things up a little – remember that color wakes everything up. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

vivid glass jewels in my Etsy shop

Because I sell glass jewels, naturally I thought to show these. A fun pair of earrings to brighten up your black tee and jeans. A pretty solitaire necklace on your LBD.

Or make it a scarf. Or outrageous bright leggings. Or a belt – from the Sally. It doesn’t have to cost much: add some color!

Vintage black and white Talbot’s dress

I was looking at party dresses…not really interested in super fussy or “grand evening” dressy – just fun party dresses. And found this little treasure 🙂

vintage black and white Talbots plus size party dress

I love the slightly flirty look – sheer sleeves, long(ish) twirly skirt – but it’s easy and not fussy and wearable. And! It is a Size 16! YMMV or course, but still – it is NOT a size 2. Size 2 is fine and all but you know, not all of us are that tiny.

I’d dress it up (kinda) with a long black necklace and a super fitted jacket for warmth (1940s preferably) – or a black shawl. Or your raincoat, hey, you’re not going to wear the coat all evening, so whatever. But it would work right now – through Spring. Like clothes should 🙂

This little cutie lives at Gypsum Moon Style vintage boutique on Etsy – until some lucky girl grabs it. That girl could be you. Just sayin.

We love Bling!

Let’s cut to the chase. Women love bling. Lots of guys do too, come to think of it. “Bling” has been defined (Merriam-Webster, I think) as “flashy jewelry worn especially as an indication of wealth” but I think it’s even more basic than that. Bling, as most women use it, means sparkly jewelry that flashes light, creates sparkle, and is FLATTERING to wear. Little glints of light near your face? Make you look good.

That’s pretty basic. Bling makes us look good. It makes us look – and feel – special. That’s a good enough reason right there.

And the really cool thing is, it doesn’t have to be Expensive Diamonds. Take a look at these pretty glass jewels (yes, they’re from my Etsy shop.

crystal glass jewels from Weekendjewelry1 on Etsy -- crystal bling for your DIY jewelry

(And yes, you can buy these goodies lots of places.) The point is, they look great. They don’t cost a lot. Buy the DIY glass jewels (I’ll love you for it) – or buy glass jewelry.

It looks fab. It won’t cost the rent. You’ll look good. This is why we love bling!

Black glass teardrop jewels

I received a wonderful compliment in my shop the other day and it made me so happy, I just had to share. I had mailed some of this style black glass teardrop jewels:


to a lovely customer in Italy. By way of letting me know she’d gotten her package, and that she was pleased, she left this comment on the feedback page in my Etsy shop:

“Incantevole! Talmente bella da sembrare ossidiana..Sono davvero soddisfatta, non avrei potuto ricevere di meglio. Grazie!”

which, translated, says: “Lovely! So beautiful as to seem … Obsidian I am really satisfied, I could not get any better. Thank you!”

That totally made my day. That she thought the jewels compared to obsidian! and that she took the time and effort to write. Such a kind, thoughtful – and valued – customer!

Grazie, bella!