Aqua and aquamarine blue – the birthstone color for March!

And as long as I’m thinking of birthstone colors (see previous post!) – March is not that far off! I’ve got quite a few aqua glass jewels in my shop but I wanted to take a minute to highlight a few of the terrific sheer aqua glass gems I have in stock right now:


I know I mentioned that amethyst purple is popular year round. Which is true – but amethyst has nothing on aqua! Aqua blue is one of the most popular colors – or even the most popular (emerald is high on that list too). It’s flattering on – well I was going to say every skin tone. I think that’s actually true: aqua is flattering to every skin tone. Light, dark, sallow, peachy, pale… you name your skin color, you can wear aqua! I’m astonished that more retailers don’t capitalize on that.

Of course they have to continue to sell new merchandise that changes every season, so we’ll just let that go. But believe me – you look good in aqua!

Amethyst Glass Jewels for your jewelry designs

The birthstone color for February is amethyst – so I wanted to show you guys some of the rich amethyst glass stones I’ve got in my shop right now. A couple of these are vintage resupply (yay!) but honestly, I’m pretty fond of each of these. And more that you’ll see if you peek in my shop!

Amethyst is actually one of the most popular colors anyway. What can I say, people love purple! And it’s not really limited to one season. Amethyst is gorgeous for romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day of course (hey, not everything needs to be red!) but it looks good all year round. Great with a tan. Great with winter pales, and winter whites, and blacks.

What can I say, amethyst looks good all the time!

Orange and Black Earring Design

Well since I featured a design earring jewels yesterday with colors of red and gold, the team colors of the Kansas City Chiefs, I figured it was only fair to show an earring design with orange and black jewels.

Orange and black, which just happen to be the team colors of the Cincinatti Bengals, the team playing against the Chiefs. I am no football expert so I am saying nothing about the game except I hope people have a good time and I’m sure it’ll be a great game. But orange and black? Fun colors to design with!

PS The orange teardrops shown here are a little larger than I usually wear, myself. These are 25x18mm, where normally I use 18x13mm teardrops for earrings. I’ll get a new pic with that size – stay tuned!

Red and Gold Earring Jewels

It’s just a coincidence that red and gold are the team colors of the Kansas City Chiefs. No, actually, it is! A customer asked to see a couple design ideas using red and gold, and I couldn’t help think of it, since there is a major football playoff this weekend. I’m not going into details. I couldn’t resist mentioning the team colors, but I’m not trying to just trade off on the Chiefs.

And you probably noticed, the top set of jewels – the red vintage glass ovals – are in patina brass settings, when the other jewels are in golden brass settings. I didn’t even realize it till I took the pic, and I was going to change it.

Then I thought, it’s a fine way to show that Stuff Happens, and the jewelry can still look good. We don’t have to be matchy all the time. Go with what you’ve got!

Birthstone Colors 2023 – Part One – Gift Ideas

I love to feature “birthstone colors”, especially if they are stones I have just found or resourced. And it’s always handy to remember what the birthstone gemstones, or gemstone colors, are for any particular month. How many times have we tried to think of an appropriate gift? A little extra info really helps!

Just for reference – or in case the print is too small on the pic. Birthstone colors listed here:

January – Garnet

February – Amethyst

March – Aquamarine

April – Diamond (Crystal)

May – Emerald

June – Alexandrite or Pearl

I know there have been times I’ve wanted to think of something special (without breaking the bank) when I bought (or made) a gift for my sister or my girlfriends. Knowing their birthdays – at least the birthday months – can help you choose a gift!

Red Glass Pears – a Necklace Design Idea

This necklace design is really a classic: faceted pear or teardrop shaped rhinestone jewels in two sizes, used as the focal and surrounding jewels for this pretty necklace.

** Like I said: a classic. Of course you’ll think of your own creative ways to adapt this idea. Use your own favorite color – or colors! Maybe the colors of your children’s birthstones. Or your favorite team!

I show the jewels here with a brass cable chain with just a hint of antique patina. The jewels are available in golden raw brass and silver plated brass as well (honestly I think the golden color is my favorite, but that’s a personal thing.)

Try your own idea(s) for focal design – I would love to see pics of your creations!

Happy New Year!

Celebrating the start of the new year! That’s the most important thing to say: I hope you all have a healthy, prosperous, happy, fun, new year for you and yours!

P.S. And let’s see if we can up the “kindness quotient” everywhere. It helps!