DIY Jewelry Storage

This isn’t a new idea – but it’s so beautifully illustrated here, I just wanted to share.

DIY jewelry storage using cutlery trays

Super organized – and as a bonus, attractive do-it-yourself jewelry storage! I love the way this makes a wall display – and at the same time lets you see your accessories. If you can’t find it, you can’t wear it!

So: go to the dollar store – or find used trays at garage sales – bonus points for recycling and rethinking! Anyway – find one or three cutlery trays, or if you have a lot of jewelry, make more than one column. Show off your jewelry, get organized, and have a fabulous wall graphic all at the same time.

(And it’l cost you, what – $3.00? $6.00? Talk about a win-win!)

P.S. Yes, I found this over on Pinterest. Love!

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