Earring designs – playing with color, Part Two. I think.

Yes, I like to play with beads and jewels – they’re my medium, if you like. And I think it’s good to try things that we aren’t “supposed to do”. After I saw that yummy, fuschia pink silk dress (see my post here), I couldn’t resist playing with some fuschia pink jewels.

fuschia pink glass jewels with multi color beads and jewels

I deliberately grabbed beads and jewels that I wouldn’t usually pair with the fuschia pink jewels. In the example on the left, that big jump ring is aluminum – not a material you expect to see with a classic rhinestone teardrop. And the upper stone is navy blue.

In the middle design, those round(ish) beads are glass E beads – I probably wouldn’t choose those color combinations and those very..hmm…casual beads. But hey, why not try it?

The design on the right has a sapphire blue oval paired with the fuschia pear. And the settings aren’t even the same color. Well, we definitely wouldn’t do that.

But – why not? Okay, if it was me, I’d try to use three different settings, not two, so it looks deliberate. But that’s me. You ought to do – whatever feels right to you. Both gold and silver settings in the same earrings?

Why not?

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