Fabulous vintage party dress

We’re talking va-voom here. This royal blue, vintage long dress is great-looking, it’s simple – the kind of “simple” that means well-designed and it’ll look good for 20 years instead of fussy and faddy. It’s classy but not boring. It’s *interesting* – in the good way:

vintage royal blue dress

You see what I mean. Those dress is fully lined, so those panels in the skirt are flirty but not too revealing. This is a totally year-round dress, bare in summer, and with a warm coat all winter. It will always look good – will make YOU look good.

I found this treasure at DressVintageattitude and the owner/curator (known as Adoration2013, love it!) says this on her About page: “Love shopping vintage dresses and skirts. I feel confident and happy when I rock my vintage dresses. They always satisfy my eagerness for clothes. They are divine!” And that kind of says it all.

Oh. Except. One more really important feature: this blue dress, this cobalt royal treasure that will make you look divine, costs $19.50 USD plus shipping. Yes. You read that correctly.

And now you’re already gone, because you are shopping at this wonderful boutique. You can thank me later 😉

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