Green Vintage Rhinestones – or, Vintage Glass Beads

Green rhinestone jewels – in their many incarnations – well, they’re special. Partly because I’m a redhead – well, sometimes, with just a little help 🙂 Partly because the tang of olivene green is always fresh – and peridot sparkles – and emerald green? Well, let’s just say emerald is flattering on almost everyone – I mean, really flattering. And it’s gorgeous. And looks expensive.

For example – these are just some of the green vintage glass jewels I’ve got in my Etsy shop right now:

Green Vintage Glass Jewels available in my shop

You see what I mean? Flatterng. Affordable. Gorgeous 🙂

P.S. Yes, I’m on my “vintage glass beads or jewels” kick. Funny how used we are to using “beads” in our jewelry – even when technically they’re not beads because they have no holes (so, they’re “stones”). But people like to say “beads”. So, well, “beads” it is, sometimes 🙂

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