Red glass beads and jewels

I’ve been getting in more gorgeous red glass beads and jewels and wanted to show them off a bit. It’s amazing how many different colors fall under the name “red”, but these are fairly traditional – from light siam red (a hint of orange in the scarlet) to crimson to deep ruby red. The common denominator? Vivid, rich color 🙂

red glass beads and jewels including cushion cut octagon beads, teardrop earring jewels, large red oval pendant jewels, and pretty rivoli connector beads or stud earring jewels

I’m getting some new shapes in too – or in some cases, resupplying – I’ll post more in a day or six. Octagons, chatons, rivolis, teardrops…. red is such a great color for fall!

And Christmas, of course. And holidays. And, well. Red is always a great color 😉

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