Upcycled and Recycled Women’s Clothing

Okay, you know I love upcycling and recycling and refashioning – it just makes sense to me. But it can take an artist to make it work well. Well today I found an artist like that 🙂

Upcycled refashioned womens vest or top

Womens upcycled skirt - refashioned and recycled fabric

Aren’t these pieces wonderful? I love the detailing with the coordinated fabrics, the serged finish on each swatch of fabric, and the skill she’s used in building these pieces.

And of course, there’s the all-important fact that she’s designed and made these with fabrics and garments that were discarded throwaways. Like I said – it take an artist to see the beauty and create these. The artist is Susan Temple of MargoSue Studio on Etsy. She’s got some great work in her shop – and her prices are so reasonable it’s almost scandalous. Go shopping!

P.S. Note for people who don’t sew – no, it is not easier to build new garments from upcycled fabrics or garments. It takes more skill, not less! Take it from someone who does sew. I appreciate this work!

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