Upcycled Fashion – the best kind

So you know I think recycling and UPcycling is super important. I also like to wear fun clothes that are functional and have style! Put these two ideas together and you get this cute cardigan:

upcycled wrap cardigan from Rebirth Recycling shop at Etsy

Is that not an adorable top? I like the way you could wear it year round. Right now I think it’d be great with even more color – a turquoise pencil skirt, or a bright red circle skirt, and of course one can always use more stuff to wear with blue jeans!

I found it at Rebirth Recycling on Etsy. To me it’s a major plus that Tina, the owner and designer, is making her garments using recycled and upcycled materials. Her work is original, she’s got rave reviews for the quality of her work and her customer service too – and her stuff is affordable!

Like I said, the very best kind of fashion 🙂

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