Upcycled home decor – key rack

This is a great example of art that is also functional – and since it’s also upcycled, it’s like the best of both (all) worlds.

upcycled and recycled bicycle parts become a key rack

Is that not great? It’s fabulous looking – interesting, funky, and modern. And hey, you don’t have to lose your keys anymore!

And best of all, it’s upcycled – it started life as bits and pieces, wood, and a discarded bicycle gear. I found it at Winterwoman Designs on Etsy. Jean, the artist, has some fabulous jewelry, home decor and kinetic sculpture, most made with recycled and upcycled bicycle parts, and all made with skill and artistry. Check out her shop, you’ll thank me!

And your keys will have a handsome new home 🙂

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