Vintage 1950s Apron

Just for fun – feel like a 1950s mom! I found an adorable, genuine 1950s Christmas apron complete with poinsettias – which is cute and funky and wouldn’t it be more fun to cook in this apron? I mean, if you’re going to do it, you might as well feel all Mom Cleaver, right?

1950s TV moms

1950s vintage apron with poinsettias

This darling apron is available at A Blast 2 the Past – a great vintage shop on Etsy. The shop owner, Cathy, obviously appreciates the fun image of TV moms – that’s her cool pic above!

I mean, who wouldn’t like to role-play (a little bit anyway) and be Lucille Ball, Donna Reed, or Barbara Billingsley?

And then go back to real life and take-out, maybe. But still!

P.S. And what a great gift for your mom!
P.P.S. And if this particular apron is gone when you visit her shop – believe me, she’s got some great finds there. You’ll love it!

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