Vintage Calvin Klein dress. A. Great. Dress.

I actually had to modify my comments about this dress. Abbreviated, this is what they came down to: Wow. This is a GREAT dress.

vintage green Calvin Klein dress from  Bella Amori Vintage

I mean, there were a whole lot of things I was going to say, including “cotton and Washable!” and flattering fit and if you have to get some Spanx to wear this dress, do it, because it is still a fabulous value, and you are never going to have a better dress.

I mean, that may not be true, you may have a closetful of fabulous dresses. But most of us? A dress like this, that looks great and is effortless and will be fab with no accessories or pile them on, with flats or stilettos, in summer (on cool days or nights) or winter (add a cardigan), and even the color will look good on almost everybody? And it’s easy, and it always looks good, and YOU always look good?

How are you going to get a better dress than that? You’re not. This is what clothes are supposed to do – effortlessly, like this.

And not only is this vintage and you will not find 20 of them walking around, you will be Unique – but This Dress Is $26.00. Okay, plus shipping.

The wonderful woman who is offering you this dress is Victoria, of Bella Amori Vintage on Etsy. She has a great eye, and great values, and she’s got a wonderful shop.

I have to say: if this dress ANYWHERE NEAR fit me it would be already sold, and I would simply be telling you about a great shop. Go there. Seriously.

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