Vintage Glass Jewels in a Gorgeous color!

I love peridot green – so these vintage rhinestone two-jewel charms are high on my favorites list. It’s such a happy color!

peridot green and crystal rhinestone two jewel earring charms in my Etsy shop

Sometimes I’m just in the mood for vivid – pale and pretty sometimes doesn’t cut it. On those days? Deep ruby. Vivid orange.

Peridot green. Love it 🙂

P.S. And yes, genuine peridot gemstones are lovely. But clear, beautiful, well faceted gemstones, not even talking anywhere near this size? Add a lot of zeroes. Say $500. And this pair, even in the settings, costs $3.99 in my shop. Yeah. I don’t love the “natural” gemstones all THAT much more. I don’t suppose Cartier ande Tiffany’s are terribly threatened by Do It Yourself jewelry goodness but – come on. The planet I live on? These glass gems are just fine 🙂

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