Vintage gray dress – and. Wow.

And this, right here, is why I think vintage is the greatest. This dress is pure class. It’s wearable, the draping is uber flattering, it’s work appropriate *and* it can go out to dinner. And make you look good.

vintage gray dress from Cocovintages boutique

I was originally looking for a gray dress so I could show you how cool it would be with the black diamond (gray) rhinestone connectors in my previous post here. But I don’t even need that excuse. This dress is going to look good no matter how you accessorize it – and think how many ways you could do that. Vivid scarf – great pumps. Leather boots. Spike heels. Rhinestones, pearls, glammed up – or toned down with wood cuffs or lucite.

It’s available from Cocovintages boutique and the owner, Kate, has some fabulous goodies. I’m totally serious, go there, you’re so going to thank me 🙂

This is a great dress!

PS And! It is NOT a size 2, it is a 14(ish). You can find great vintage in Real People sizes. They do get grabbed up though – you’d think they were in demand or something. (Please tell me why the fashion world tends to forget about you if you’re not a size 2 or maybe a 4. I’m still trying to figure that one out.)

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