Vintage kimono – a gift for Mom

You know, if you’re trying to find something fabulous (and also affordable, and unique, and hey even vintage!) as a gift for your Mom – you are SO in luck. This lovely kimono would be a great robe, jacket, dress, or toss-over-jeans-cardigan-fabulousness for her.

Because moms like to look good too.

vintage pink kimono .... a gift for mom

So the big question is… a gift for Mom, or for you? This is not an easy one.

But is this not lovely? I would wear it as a dress. Or over jeans. Or, hey, even as a robe except then I would get paint and dirt and dust and dog hair all over it, and I might want to save it for a little more specialness than that.

But why not for Mom? She deserves something a little more fun than, what, an apron? You weren’t going to get her an apron, were you? Or a vase of flowers from the grocery store because you forgot to get something?

No. Show her how special you think she is (and hey, the bonus is, she’llknow how special you are.) This wonderful garment would be a fabulous gift. No worries about “will it fit”. And it’s silk, which is always classy (and what many people don’t know is that it is super washable, too.) And the colors? Beautiful.

I found it at Shudder Emporium, a vintage boutique on Etsy with clothing and accessories and Oddities.

You are going to have so much fun over there. Go peek. And if the kimono is gone when you get there, let her know that if she should happen to find more, well, that would be good too. But seriously: such great items, and great prices too? This is a Find!

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