Vintage technicolor jacket :-)

Now this is why vintage is cool. Take a look at this totally wearable, everyday, just-for-fun jacket:

vintage technicolor bomber jacket

It’s basically just a baseball jacket. It’s casual, it’s not meant to be Grand, it’s probably fairly lightweight. Perfect for fall days or nights when you just need a little something. The thing is, somebody decided to make it fun. It’s hand-embroidered, it’s got lots of colors, it’s not super expensive, and you’re definitely not going to see a bunch of them running around the neighborhood.

I found it at Last Call by T a new vintage shop on Etsy. Tierney, the shop owner, has a great eye. She gives details, she has good clear photos, she finds good stuff. This is the kind of shop we all want to find 😉

It’s why vintage is fun. Something a little different, something you can enjoy without stressing about it. Just wear it 🙂

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