Vintage 1970s Brown Boots

Here’s a great example of why we love vintage – brown leather and suede, faux shearling, totally fab boots:

vintage brown suede and leather boots

You know that brown is one of the important colors this fall. And these are GOOD boots. Probably better made than their brand-new counterparts (certainly for the uber reasonable price of $74 plus shipping). And they’re distinctive enough that you aren’t going to see them everywhere you go. I’d wear them with jeans, with dresses, with skirts – but honestly they are just made to go with a short skirt. Okay, plus tights – it’ll be winter soon.

Make that a very short skirt. You know you’ll look great!

I found this treasure at Starlet Vintage, a darling vintage boutique on Etsy. Joanne, the shop owner/curator, has a great eye – and she gives you the detailed info and clear pics you need to make a good buying decision.

Go there. You’ll thank me. And if these boots are your size? I think you’re going to be a very happy shopper. This is a win!

Vintage Top and Skirt Set, and Wowza!

Now this is a killer outfit! This hot little number is a top and skirt set, 1960s vintage, good for year-round wear (okay, maybe not the hottest summer days, but otherwise). Plus size for curvy girls. And it will take you ANYWHERE.

vintage blue plus size top and skirt set

Wear it as shown with black pumps, or tights and boots. Wear it with flip-flops. Wear it with pearls, or not. It’ll look good day or night 🙂

I found this star at Luvsick Vintage and you totally want to go there. The shop owner, Britteny, gives you good clear pics and the info you need to make smart online purchases.

And this outfit is ON SALE even! There’s a flaw on the top, you can see it in her last pic. You’ll want to (1) wear a scarf which of course would be great anyway, or (2) wear a jacket (business professional stuff), or (3) ignore it because mostly people won’t even notice. When you’re wearing this, you think they’re looking at a snag in the fabric? Yeah, not so much. They’re looking at you 🙂

Like I said, anywhere anytime, this will work for you. You need this outfit!

Vintage Boho Summer Dress

You know I love vintage clothing – it’s ecologically smart, which is great – but honestly, it’s mostly that I’m selfish. I love finding things that are unique, usually well made, and just little bit more fun than the stuff you usually find in Macy’s or Kohl’s.

For example, this fun and fabulous summer dress:

vintage boho summer dress from Venelle on Etsy

You see what I mean? Look at the detailing at the neck and armhole. And that clever diagonal print! The dress looks cool and comfy (and cotton, which is great). It’s got its own style – you don’t have to DO a lot, if you know what I mean. You could dress it up – a fitted jacket, nipped in at the waist, or just a pretty cardigan). A great pair of heels. It could go to work, to your inlaws, or to dinner.

But most of all? I’d love it casual. Toss this baby on, add a big pair of hoop earrings, maybe a stack of bangles, bare sandals, and go all day. And look good.

I found this sweet dress at Venelle on Etsy. Sophie, the owner/curator, has some fab finds and a great eye. Even with international shipping (I’m in the U.S., Venelle’s in the UK) her items are really affordable. Go shopping, figure a couple or three weeks for shipping, and have fun!

Did I mention how much I love vintage? Yes!

Vintage summer mini dress

Take a look at this super, summertime mini dress:

vintage green mini dress

I love this dress. I love it because it’s JUST A DRESS. It looks great. It’s easy to wear. (I’d wear it with flipflops or strappy high heels, but hey that’s me.) It’s washable. It’s just a dress – the kind you want to toss on in the morning and just GO, and know it’s going to look good, and you’re going to look good, and it’s no big deal.

It doesn’t get much better than that, you know?

It’s available – right now, anyway – at Avid Noise – over at Etsy. Izzi, the shop owner, has some great stuff over there – which you already knew, because you’re looking at this dress.

And: it’s on sale. Go shopping. You’ll thank me.

PS Izzi’s tagline? “Vintage clothes inspired by the many great women in rock.” It’s not a coincidence that her icon at page top looks like Courtney Love… Hey, you know you have to check it out!

1960s Yellow Vintage Dress

You know I think vintage is just the best. And this dress is a terrific example of why. You could wear it anywhere, you could work or play. You could meet his mom in it, you could go shopping with your buds, and you would look right each time. I mean, that’s not easy to do.

1960s yellow cotton vintage summer dress

See what I mean? This dress is EASY. It looks like something you could just toss on, don’t think about it for a minute. Grab some shoes – high heeled sandals, or flip-flops. Or little ballet flats. Whatever. Add a pair of earrings (not that I’m biased towards earrings or anything) and you’re done, dressed, ready to go anywhere and look good.

Okay, maybe add an armful of bangle bracelets.

And did I mention? It is NOT SMALL. It is a size 12 or 14 or 16, depending on who sized it and when (you know vintage isn’t always the same as now.)

I found this darling dress at ShopBTMV on Etsy. The shop’s only been open for a year, and already there are some great finds, fab dresses, and vintage accessories too if that’s your thing.

Go shopping. You’ll thank me.

PS There’s a black velvet grunge backless maxi dress that if it was my size? It would be gone already. Just saying.

Vintage green dress for spring

Yes I have spring on my mind – around here it’s been cold, then warm, then 70, then snowing. I’m ready for spring and sunshine! And then I saw this adorable dress and it is just what I had in mind 🙂

vintage green dress for spring

The color is great – prettier than lime green, not as dark as kelly. Very flattering and easy to wear. And the A-line cut is classic and new at the same time. I’d wear this with a fabulous pair of earrings (wouldn’t even have to be made with stones from my shop, like these peridot sparklies although of course they’d be wonderful) – but anyway, something big and sassy. And a great pair of strappy high heel sandals – or, well, flipflops! This dress is not Fancy – it’s just got good detailing. You don’t need to do a lot of Stuff to wear it.

Bright red lipstick, though.

I found this darling garment at Life on Mars Vintage which, BTW, the name is so great you should go there just because. But DB, the shop owner, really has such terrific items there, you need to go see, like, right away. Trust me.

(And another thing – the sky blue drapey dress? If it was near my size I would grab it – and maybe would take the sleeves off – but then it would be an absolute STAR. Just sayin!)

Vintage wiggle dress

Vintage is just the best, you know? So I’m not going to tell you – I’m going to show you. This vintage wiggle dress is so fabulous!

vintage wiggle dress from joules Jewels Vintage boutique on Etsy

Now I really don’t have to say anything else, because you can see for yourself. But just to mention a few things that occurred to me? This is a year-round dress, for one thing. Add a cardigan or jacket and it’s great for work, winter or summer (you know how cold AC can be). And of course it’s great for date night or church – it’s modest but kinda sexy too.

And! See how good it looks with only a pair of earrings for accessories? Talk about easy! But you could glam it up or down any way you want. And wear it with stilettos or flipflops. This is what clothes are supposed to be – goodlooking, easy to wear, easy to make YOU look good.

I found it in a darling boutique on Etsy, Joules Jewels Vintage. The owner/curator Jillian has a great eye – and some great finds. And did I mention affordable prices? Yes. Go there. You’ll thank me!

Vintage green silk dress

Let me put it this way – this dress is a fine example of why vintage is so wonderful. I don’t even have to talk a lot: let’s take a look.

vintage green silk dress

Such a simple dress. And what that means is, you can wear is so many ways. In summer, absolutely! A pair of flipflops or heels. A fab pair of boho earrings. In fall or winter (like, right now) – toss on a bright red cardigan. Dark green, or red, or black, high heeled Jimmy Choos (or if you’re like me, hunt down some fabulous thrifted heels).

I wouldn’t wear the classic pearl necklace, myself – I’d toss on a long tribal thing, or a multicolor vintage Haskell (Haskell *style*, which I would fake, and it would be great) – or maybe floral tattoos covering my arms (fake, or temporary, but oh well) and just add earrings.

You see what I mean? You can wear this dress anywhere, day or night, and it will look good. Belt it or don’t. High heels or flats. And by the way – they don’t usually tell you this, but silk is uber washable.

I found this treasure at Sydneys Vintage on Etsy. Not only does Syd, the curator/owner, have some GREAT party finds, she also has a coupon code for 20% off!

And this dress – this simple, classic, easy to wear (anywhere) dress – even before using the coupon – is $27.00. Yes. Twenty Seven Dollars plus shipping. Go grab it. Or go shopping for other fab finds. Do it. You’ll thank me.

Vintage bridesmaid dress

I first thought of “party dress”, because add a pair of high-heeled slippers (don’t you lvoe the vintage jargon? pumps, or stilettos, or whatever you want to call them) – and a fab pair of earrings and you will ROCK this dress. Or it will rock you. **

But then I thought: non-matching (but similar color) bridesmaid dresses, which if I was planning another wedding for me that is totally what I would be doing, so that my girls culd have dresses they love that were also coordinated with what I wanted 🙂

And this dress:

vintage blue bridesmaid dress...or party dress

How could you not love this dress? Look at the details! The wonderful shirring, the little bows, the finely-bound armholes, the full skirt! Modest but sexy too. Flirty and fun.

I found it at Jupe De Jour vintage boutique on Etsy, and this darling shop is just full of vintage finds you need to know about. A gorgeous red cheongsam. A pair of vintage brown pumps that believe me if they were my size would already be sold.

A vintage cowboy hat! Go see. You’ll thank me.

Vintage fitted Jaeger jacket

Now this is why I love vintage! It’s that time of year when I want a jacket. Even if it’s not cold yet – well, not COLD yet – it’s chilly enough that a tee and jeans just won’t cut it. I need a jacket. You need a jacket. Yeah, we do.

So when I find a sexy goodlooking jacket like this – and affordable too? I am a happy camper.

vintage Jaeger navy blue fitted jacket or blazer

Can’t you just see this with jeans? Or a long skirt, as shown in another pic. Or with a bodycon dress for clubbing. I love the 40s feel of the jacket – and knowing that I’m not going to see these in every shop.

This beauty can be found at Zues Vintage – if you don’t wait too long. Scott, the owner/curator, has a great eye for detail – and for good value. You’re going to love his shop!

P.S. Right now he’s got a black velvet, 1980s, slinky, off shoulder, which you need to see. And grab before it’s gone. Just saying. You’ll thank me.