Gorgeous Vintage Fashion Finds

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for excellent vintage fashion and gifts. I recently found a gorgeous vintage shop over on Etsy and just had to share! Look Again Vintage is the shop and I’m very impressed with the quality she features – take a look at these fabulous shoes!

Look Again Vintage black pumps
Black Pumps from Look Again Vintage


Look Again Vintage black pumps
High heeled gray slingback heels from Look Again Vintage

Of course she offers more than just fabulous shoes (as if we ever say “just” and “fabulous shoes” in the same sentence!) She has some wonderful gifts, separates, lingerie, and dresses – including this yummy cocktail dress:

vintage black dress from the 1960s
Vintage Black Wiggle Cocktail Dress

Great vintage is such a find – and where can you find well-made, great looking finds like this that are so affordable? You definitely want to check out this shop!

The Duchess of Windsor – now *these* are vintage jewels!

I was thinking recently about vintage rhinestones, and that led me to vintage jewelry, and that led me to fine vintage jewelry, and of course that led me to the Duchess of Windsor.

She had own style, that’s for sure. Take a look at this pin!

Jeweled Flamingo Pin belonging to the Duchess of Windsor
Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby Flamingo Pin belonging to the Duchess of Windsor

Actually I think Wallis Simpson is a pretty fascinating woman – and story. And she certainly loved jewelry. The good stuff. I think I read recently that a collection of her fine jewelry was sold at auction for $12.5 million. With an M.

Kinda out of my league – so far out that it doesn’t even bother me.

I really like that pin – but honestly, I’d like it just as much if it was silver plated metal with crystal chatons and little baguette rhinestones. Now all I’ve got to do is find a flamingo pin to play with 🙂

These are all Rose Pink. Really.

I just think it’s interesting, the different colors that have gotten one name in the jewelry biz over the past few decades.

Like the title says – these are all “rose pink”:

rose pink vintage rhinestone jewels
Rose Pink Vintage Glass Jewels

And these are not even all the examples I have of that color name – only the pics I had with white backgrounds.

All the shades are lovely. They’re just not the same. No wonder people get confused sometimes when they’re ordering a certain color!

All are available at Weekendjewelry1 on Etsy (yes, it’s my shop). And all are available in patina brass, golden brass, or shining silver plated settings. If you don’t see one of the listings, just send me a note!