Birthstone Colors for Customized DIY Jewelry

I thought it might be handy to post the birthstone colors for each month of the year – this pic is the first one, to show birthstones from January through April:

birthstone colors for the months January, February, March and April

Right now it’s a little late for January birthstone gifts, since this is the last day of January 2022 (how is that possible!) – but it’s always good to know what colors are on point. And February, March and April birthstones are good to know about too.

Come back soon to see birthstone colors for the rest of the year!

Amethyst Glass Gems – see more Purple in 2022

I deliberately made a point to show different colors here, of the amethyst purple beads and jewels in my glass gem collection. (And actually there are more!) Amethyst purple jewels can be sheer with no foil back, they can be a lighter warmer purple, or deep rich dark purple. And this is only a partial sample of the different amethyst colors you can find in glass gems.

amethyst glass gems available through my through to see more colors

Of course you can find closely-matching colors – if you click on the pic you’ll see many examles. But sometimes it’s more fun to use various shades of one color, or one color family.

That way you don’t have to worry if your earrings aren’t exactly the same shade as your skirt. That’s kind of the point. Colors can look great – and they don’t have to match!

Faceted Glass Charms for DIY Jewelry

These multi-stone glass charms have two faceted glass jewels – 13x7mm pears, and tiny 4mm rhinestones. You can choose the color of the tiny stones, so you can really customize these earring drops. They’re small(ish), so they’re lightweight and comfortable – but they have plenty of sparkle and presence.

They’re wonderful for earrings – or as components in pendant focals.

multistone glass gems available through my through to see more colors

These are just one more example of how you can make earrings using your own style, colors, and design. These are components – you’ll use them the way that works best for you!

New DIY Earring Design for 2022

I wanted to show another earring design featuring aqua glass jewels – this time with another color added. This is just a small but deliberate way to show that we don’t have to limit ourselves using color!

This idea shows small(ish) glass gems, so these earrings would be super lightweight and comfortable. The colors are strong enough to be a great element, and the faceting adds quiet sparkle. Sometimes that’s just what we want our jewelry to do!

do it yourself earrings design idea featuring slender sapphire blue pears and aqua faceted round glass gems

And, of course, this is more a suggestion than a specific. Explore your own color choices, and try different combinations of jewel shapes. Add round beads, octagons, you name it. That’s the fun of do it yourself jewelry – you can take this idea and make it your own!

Classic “Cushion Cut” Octagons – and a BOGO sale!

The term “cushion cut” for gemstones has been around for over 200 years – it’s a classic square octagon with rounded corners. In the first century jewelers used it, the cushion cut was more popular than round stones. Of course it was used for diamonds and other precious (expensive!) gemstones.

Today we’re lucky. We can have beautiful “cushion cut” faceted stones made of glass – and rather than the thousands of dollars that a classic cushion cut diamond could cost, these faceted rhinestones are available for only a few dollars. They’re pretty fabulous!

My pic here shows just a few of the colors I have available in cushion cut glass stones. Just click on the pic to see more in my shop!

some of the colors of cushion cut rhinestone jewels available in my Etsy through to see more

And just as a little added bonus, the cushion cut octagons in my shop are available in a BOGO sale – buy one pair, and you get a second pair of the same color for free! When you order, just remind me to send your second pair free. Or if you order two pairs, get two pairs free. You get the idea!

This sale lasts through midnight on Friday, January 21, 2022, and only while supplies last. So you might not want to wait. Just saying 😉

DIY Earrings Design with Aqua Glass Gems

Yes this earrings design features all the same color stones. It’s not my usual choice – but I think these aqua glass jewels are gorgeous together!

Actually there are tiny differences in the color – it’s subtle enough that it’s almost impossible to catch with the camera. Which tells me that people seeing your earrings wouldn’t see the difference either. But either way – very well coordinated color choices, or all the same color – these really work.

do it yourself jewelry design idea featuring three sizes and shapes of aqua glass jewels, all available in my Etsy shop

I know you’ll grab this idea and try your own variations – all crystal jewels, tiny to larger, or all the same shapes in different colors, or… well next time you send a note, you tell me! What combination of stones worked in your new earrings? I’d love to hear!

Sapphire Glass Pendant and Earrings – DIY Jewelry Set

Yes, I’m showing again that jewels that are the same color can make a fabulous jewelry set. ! Yes, I like to break my own “contrast is fun” color rules.

Really I just wanted to illustrate how easy it is to make a necklace and earrings set for gifts, for sale, or for yourself. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. And it looks pretty terrific!

sapphire glass pendant and earring jewels in a DIY jewelry set

Of course you’ll take this idea and introduce your own style, your own variations. Add beads, colors and shapes. Make it your own. You’ll love it!

New DIY Earrings Design Idea

You know I often (okay, really often) like to use more than one color in my earrings. I like to contrast colors and shapes, just because color is fun. But you also know that I like to break my own rules. A single color can have major design impact!

Case in point: these pretty black diamond earrings. Use two different shapes – today, I combined diamond shape and larger ovals – link them with jump rings – and voila! You’ve got fabulous earrings.

new earrings design idea featuring two shapes of faceted black diamond glass gems

And just a little bonus: order the ovals and you get the diamond shapes for free. Just send a note when you order! The offer’s good through next Wednesday, January 12, 2002. Try it – you’ll love these black diamond earrings!

Happy 2022 (and yes, a BOGO sale!)

It’s a new year – and we could all use a good, prosperous, peaceful (and fingers crossed, virus-free!) New Year. Let’s make that a goal as best we can 🙂

And with that in mind – well, a happy and prosperous new year – I’m starting 2022 off with a sale! Buy any two items in my shop (pairs of jewels, pendants, findings, charms, you name it) and get another item free!

sale on items in my online jewelry supplies shop

After you order any two items, just send me a convo on Etsy, or an email, and tell me what item you want for free! And if you buy four items, you get two freebies. You get the idea!

This sale lasts through midnight on Monday, January 10, 2022 (feels weird to write that number!) And it’s while supplies last, so you might want to take advantage.

Let’s have a great year. I’ll give it a good try – you too, y’hear?