Red and White Earrings – new view on a model!

Okay, not a model – a mannequin. But she’s close to life size, so this gives you a good idea of the scale of these vintage glass stones, and how they actually look *as earrings*. (Yes both stones are vintage – the red 10x8mm ovals are from the 1960s, and the white 18x12mm teardrops were made in post-war Japan.)

I’ve said it before – and had several customers say it to me – why we love vintage so much. For one thing these are very pretty glass stones! And the (other) best part – there’s no additional carbon footprint. These are already made. Good for the planet – and great for DIY jewelry!

Refashioned upcycled fashion – so cute!

I just found the cutest top! Now if you ask me, this is fashion at its best. This top started out as an out of shape old too-big tee shirt. And now it’s cute and your teen might even wear it, unlike most of the stuff you try to pick out for her! (Or, who am I kidding, YOU will wear it!)

refashioned upcycled tee shirt top

Now this is not a radical fussy change. It’s just a great one. It’s probably not super difficult to do – I sew a lot, and I could probably figure it out. Maybe. The thing is, I don’t have to. You don’t have to 🙂

I found it at Twice Stitched on Etsy – and Vanessa, the designer/artist/shop owner has some of the most fun, original, interesting, adorable clothes! It’s just a (big) plus that they are also eco-friendly and upcycled. And did I mention? Major affordable!

You need to go shop there. You’ll thank me. The environment will thank you.

And you’ll look so good!

Upcycled dress. The best kind of fashion!

I saw this adorable dress on Etsy and loved the casual style. Then I noticed it’s made from upcycled components, and appreciate it even more. This is so smart!

boho upcycled dress from Revival boutique on Etsy

Isn’t it great? Casual – funky – and kind of sexy/fun. I found it at Revival boutique on Etsy. The designer said it beautifully: “What better way to be kind to the planet and create something unique, classic and timeless?”

So: kinder to the planet. Ecologically smart. Original stylish dress. One-of-a-kind, well-made, affordable garments you’re going to love.

This is what I call a win. Go shopping – you’ll thank me!

Fabulous vintage party dress

We’re talking va-voom here. This royal blue, vintage long dress is great-looking, it’s simple – the kind of “simple” that means well-designed and it’ll look good for 20 years instead of fussy and faddy. It’s classy but not boring. It’s *interesting* – in the good way:

vintage royal blue dress

You see what I mean. Those dress is fully lined, so those panels in the skirt are flirty but not too revealing. This is a totally year-round dress, bare in summer, and with a warm coat all winter. It will always look good – will make YOU look good.

I found this treasure at DressVintageattitude and the owner/curator (known as Adoration2013, love it!) says this on her About page: “Love shopping vintage dresses and skirts. I feel confident and happy when I rock my vintage dresses. They always satisfy my eagerness for clothes. They are divine!” And that kind of says it all.

Oh. Except. One more really important feature: this blue dress, this cobalt royal treasure that will make you look divine, costs $19.50 USD plus shipping. Yes. You read that correctly.

And now you’re already gone, because you are shopping at this wonderful boutique. You can thank me later 😉

Upcycled boho dress – eco friendly chic clothing

This is not only a terrific dress, it’s the very best kind:

upcycled boho dress from Lillie Nora Dry Goods...lillienoradrygoods...on etsy

So why do I say “the best kind”?

1. It’s cute.
2. It’s upcycled, which is always of the good.
3. It’s year round wearable – how fun and flattering in the springtime, just like she’s wearing it in the pic? And for fall and winter, add leggings. Maybe a cami underneath, for body-hugging warmth.
4. It’s affordable.
5. And did I mention, it’s cute?

Because it’s got to look great or you’re not going to wear it. But it does. So – like I said, the best!

PS It’s available at Lillie Nora Dry Goods on Etsy, one of my favorite Etsy shops – where Barb, the artist / designer, has many adorable upcycled garments. This girl is *good*!

Upcycled clothing at its finest

I absolutely had to share this top with you. It is a great-looking, unusual, fun, crazy piece of clothing.

upcycled boho gypsy top available at Primitive Fringe boutique

Just imagine how much FUN it would be to wear this top? It’s made from vintage fabric and recycled tee shirts, so you know it’s comfy and feels good. I mean – fabulous and unusual. Affordable. And upcycled! This is just what I want to find when I go shopping.

I found it at Primitive Fringe at Etsy. Deanna, the artist and owner, has truly done some scrumptious work there. And – after I found this shirt, and more yummy upcycled clothing, I discovered that she has also done colorful, terrific jewelry too.

This place is such a find!

Upcycled home decor – key rack

This is a great example of art that is also functional – and since it’s also upcycled, it’s like the best of both (all) worlds.

upcycled and recycled bicycle parts become a key rack

Is that not great? It’s fabulous looking – interesting, funky, and modern. And hey, you don’t have to lose your keys anymore!

And best of all, it’s upcycled – it started life as bits and pieces, wood, and a discarded bicycle gear. I found it at Winterwoman Designs on Etsy. Jean, the artist, has some fabulous jewelry, home decor and kinetic sculpture, most made with recycled and upcycled bicycle parts, and all made with skill and artistry. Check out her shop, you’ll thank me!

And your keys will have a handsome new home 🙂

Vintage home decor – a copper teapot

And such a find! it’s not new. It’s got history. It’s gorgeous.

vintage copper teapot from Ratty and Catty

And yes, it’s not in perfect condition – there is tarnish – and a dent. This wouldn’t interfere with its function – and to me, doesn’t interfere with its beauty, either. This happy little teapot has character. How cool if we can give it more life, and let it into ours.

I found it over at Ratty and Catty over on Etsy – and by the way, with a name like that, I’m already inclined to love the place. But I don’t need to be inclined – they’ve got some yummy vintage treasures for the home and for you. And they ship worldwide, which not every vintage shop does.

They also give clear photos and details about the condition of each piece. That is such a valuable trait! And hey – the aforementioned teapot even comes with its own trivet, to protect your pretty little coffee table. (It’s vintage too, right?)


DIY jewelry storage – part three. I think.

This isn’t a new idea – but the picture is such a clear (and pretty) illustration of what we can do for cheap or even free, I wanted to share 🙂

do it yourself jewelry storage and organization

I’m not sure if this was a recycled drawer or tray – I found the pic on Pinterest but when I clicked through, the link was dead. (If it’s your pic, let me know, please? so I can give you credit!)

But the idea is clear. Cut cardboard to make dividers for a shallow drawer or tray or box. I’m in favor of the box – it’ll probably be free.

Spray paint the whole thing white or some other color you love. I’d polyurethane it, after – to make sure it’s waterproof. Let it dry. Let it dry some more.

Place your jewelry in the little compartments. Stick the whole thing in a drawer. Presto: organized storage. Practically free. Win!

DIY Jewelry Storage

This isn’t a new idea – but it’s so beautifully illustrated here, I just wanted to share.

DIY jewelry storage using cutlery trays

Super organized – and as a bonus, attractive do-it-yourself jewelry storage! I love the way this makes a wall display – and at the same time lets you see your accessories. If you can’t find it, you can’t wear it!

So: go to the dollar store – or find used trays at garage sales – bonus points for recycling and rethinking! Anyway – find one or three cutlery trays, or if you have a lot of jewelry, make more than one column. Show off your jewelry, get organized, and have a fabulous wall graphic all at the same time.

(And it’l cost you, what – $3.00? $6.00? Talk about a win-win!)

P.S. Yes, I found this over on Pinterest. Love!