Light Amethyst Purple Vintage Rhinestone Pear Jewels

If light purple or lilac works with your wedding colors, these will make wonderful bridal and bridesmaid jewelry for you 🙂

These jewels measure 16mm (about 5/8″) x 12mm (just a smidge under 1/2″). They’re a great size for earrings and necklace focals. I’ve placed them in shining silver plated settings. The underlying metal is brass – which contains no nickel or lead. These are gentle on the skin.

They’re available in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop.

Beautiful Vintage Glass Jewels in my Etsy shop

I figured it was time for a new look at my Etsy jewelry supplies shop. Often times I can get new supplies of some of my “classic” vintage glass jewels – but I also have some wonderful new colors. And some classic rhinestone styles that are new (and reorderable) – and well just gorgeous!

I’ve talked before about do it yourself – and how you can make just what you want. And save money. And, well, these days saving money is about as fashionable as you can get 🙂

Vintage Party Dress!

You know, it is so amazing, the great vintage fashion – strike that: the great FASHION – you can find online, and yes, especially at Etsy when you start looking.

You need to find a great party dress? You could not do better than this one:

Copper Disco Party Dress from JDBok on Etsy
JD Bok on Etsy

Yes, this is just an example. But it’s a great one. It looks terrific. It’s a great price. You’re not going to see it everywhere else this season. And if it’s gone when you go look, well, they have lots of other goodies.

Vintage shopping? THE way to shop. JD Bok – totally worth checking out.

Green Vintage Rhinestones – or, Vintage Glass Beads

Green rhinestone jewels – in their many incarnations – well, they’re special. Partly because I’m a redhead – well, sometimes, with just a little help 🙂 Partly because the tang of olivene green is always fresh – and peridot sparkles – and emerald green? Well, let’s just say emerald is flattering on almost everyone – I mean, really flattering. And it’s gorgeous. And looks expensive.

For example – these are just some of the green vintage glass jewels I’ve got in my Etsy shop right now:

Green Vintage Glass Jewels available in my shop

You see what I mean? Flatterng. Affordable. Gorgeous 🙂

P.S. Yes, I’m on my “vintage glass beads or jewels” kick. Funny how used we are to using “beads” in our jewelry – even when technically they’re not beads because they have no holes (so, they’re “stones”). But people like to say “beads”. So, well, “beads” it is, sometimes 🙂