Sheer glass jewels

Sometimes a pretty color is all you need to make your jewelry shine. I don’t mean harsh bling (though that can be totally fun) – I mean a pretty, soft, seductive color.

sheer sapphire blue glass jewels

Sheer colors are looking wonderful to me these days. The color really is the star of the show. It’s a little quieter, and it just feels classy, you know what I mean?

Plus: pretty, affordable, easy to use. All the usual reasons that DIY glass jewels are a good way to go.

Plus Christmas and the holidays are on the way. I’m just saying.

Playing with new materials – resin roses

These 13mm (1/2″) resin roses aren/t precious – they’re just pretty 🙂 And they combine beautifully with antiqued brass, with filigrees, with glass. I’ve purchased a few and I’m going to be trying out a few ideas.

13mm or 1/2

I’ll be listing a few more colors – and playing with some roses / jewel combos. So stay tuned for a bit (or check a little later..)

(aren’t they cute?)

Red glass jewels

When in doubt, go for red. I’m serious. A simple teardrop pendant. Sparkling ruby red earring jewels. A gold bracelet with one dramatic red octagon. You see what I mean? It’s always girly, it looks great, it’s wearable for just about everybody. You don’t have to get complicated.

red glass teardrop pendant jewel available at weekendjewelry1 on Etsy

And if you want to get richer and more dramatic – add more color to the red. A hand-linked “chain” of blue agate rounds and green rivoli drops. Deep purple glass rondelles, golden spacers, and red, green and blue clusters. Use your imagination – a surprising number of colors not only go with red – they look fabulous.

When in doubt, go for red. Seriously!

Golden smoky topaz glass jewels

The surprise of a more golden “smoky topaz” – I got these recently and was just charmed at their pretty color. Most smoky topaz is a deep – well, smoky – brown, which is a fine rich fall color. Then there’s golden topaz, which is usually golden (yeah, duh, I know), it’s the November birthstone, and has a nice sparkle.

These “golden smoky topaz” are a meld of the two colors – deeper than golden, and with just a lovely rich tone.

golden smoky topaz teardrop pendant

You see what I mean? Just a bit brigher, and cheerier, and well, sparklier. Would love to know what you think of this “new” color!

Team colors for school fundraiser – and a special offer*

I recently had a customer ask me to prepare some special glass jewel combinations – in her daughter’s school colors. She wanted to make some earrings in the colors of the school’s football team – she thought they’d be a good fundraiser item.

Such a good idea! Offering jewelry in your school colors can be a quick and easy fundraising item. In that spirit, I grabbed a couple examples of “team colors” glass jewels from my stock:

glass jewels in Kansas City team colors

Now it’s just a coincidence that the colors here – red and white, and royal blue and white – are Kansas City professional sports team colors. Really 😉

And of course there are lots of shapes you could choose – teardrops or rounds, octagons or navettes – I just had these pics prepared already. Chances are good that I have, or can get, jewels in your team colors.

And with that in mind – here’s the Special Offer I mentioned. Order ten or more pairs of identical jewels in your team colors – and get 20% off. This is only good till 12/31/15 and you have to mention your team to me when you order. That’s it though – mention your team, order 10 pairs of the same jewels, and get 20% off.

Go team 🙂

How to add tiny stones to a two-jewel setting

This may sound like something you’ll hardly ever do – but if you end up buying stones and settings separately (rather than having the stones pre-set before you buy them) it’s handy to learn these little tips. Your crimpiing pliers are really helpful here.

In many settings, the tiny stone is 20ss (or “stone size”) – and 20ss is about 4.5mm. I did a little sketch to give a few helpful tips when setting them.

tips on setting tiny glass stones in settings ... part 1
tips for setting small glass stones in settings...part 2

One of the most important things to remember, after you squeeze (flatten) the little prongs, is to close them *slightly* over the stone. Don’t try to flatten them all the way down to the glass – you’ll chip something. With all the prongs gently leaning toward the “closed” position, your stone will be protected and secure.

And if this isn’t your cup of tea, you can always – you know – buy stones already in settings. Like in my Etsy shop 🙂

Royal blue…and the Kansas City Royals

Just thought I’d highlight some Royal Blue glass jewels. Not that they made me think of the Kansas City Royals, the day after that exciting ALDS win – with that 8th inning home run that is just what baseball excitement is all about! Yeah, I’m not thinking about that.

sapphire blue...royal heart jewels

Well – not much. I don’t usually make a big deal out of organized sports, it’s not my thing. But these guys are right in my back yard, and they’ve been so terrific – and they’re a bunch of pretty good guys, I hear. So, yay Royals!

And the glass heart (pendant or earring) jewels are pretty cool too 🙂

Green glass jewels

Green glass jewels in several color choices – “green” covers a lot of visual territory, doesn’t it? Even without special ordering, these are just some of the green color choices I have in my shop right now 🙂

green glass jewels in my Etsy shop

And these only show the pear (or teardrop) colors. I’ve had a lot of people asking for “green” lately – and I expect with the holidays coming, there will be more. Did I mention, I love green? And not just because I’m a redhead – well, sometimes, with the help of Miss Clairol…

I’ve got olivine, and a pretty pine green, a bit different than “leaf”, and sheer peridot, and… check back for more!

Navy blue glass jewels

And as long as I’m thinking about navy blue – I’ve gotten some more lovely, sparkling montana sapphire glass jewels in my Etsy shop.

navy blue or montana sapphire glass jewels

In the jewelry-making world, “Montana Sapphire” is a trade name for navy blue. And it is the hottest color going right now. Looks great for Fall, looks great for holidays and New Year’s, looks great for weddings.

Kinda getting the idea this beautiful, rich color looks great? Yes – this is a win!

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Just as a little experiment, I’m offering a coupon code over on my Facebook page.

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Happy hunting 🙂