Rhinestone Jewel Connectors

I’ve got a few new colors of these pretty rhinestone connectors in my Etsy shop. If you make jewelry, they’re super useful. Use them as links for bracelets or leading to the focal on a necklace. And when you use them for earring dangles, you can combine them with other jewels to make smashing color combos.

Six colors vintage style glass jewel connectors

Add a peridot teardrop jewel to the rose pink rhinestone connector. Or a shimmering Swarovski pearl to the crystal connectors. Or – well, you see what I mean. These are fun to work with!

Vintage Glass Beads or Jewels – Sapphire Hearts

I’m sneaking this in when I meant to get back to my sapphire pear earrings – but I just got these sapphire heart jewels in, and it’s been so long since I had any sapphire hearts. I’m not sure why, but it’s really hard to find vintage heart jewels lately. Maybe because they really are in demand?

And so pretty!

Sapphire Heart Vintage Glass Beads or Jewels in my Etsy shop

Yes, they’re available in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop 🙂

Michelle Obama, Jason Wu, and Vintage Design

Of course I watched (some of) the inaugural fuss yesterday – I have issues with every politician, but I still think the Obamas are better than the alternative last November – and I am very fond of Michelle Obama.

And like a lot of women, I love to see what she chooses to wear!

It’s not (just) shallow of us to watch her wardrobe. Her style choices influence retail fashion and that means business and sales and commerce – and we need commerce! But it’s also fun to watch. I loved her Jason Wu gown:

Michelle Obama in Jason Wu dress
Michelle Obama and Date

But what I specially like is that she doesn’t always wear Designer Couture. Sometimes she wears Gap or, in this instance, Target:

Michelle Obama in dress from Target

Love it! That she’s wearing Target, I mean – I also think it’s a cool dress.

Now if we could just get her to show off / promote / wear some American vintage…. that would be beyond fabulous!

Vintage White Gown – Wedding or Party

So you’re looking for glam, you’re looking for classy, you’re looking for that very special gown? Have I found a goodie for you 🙂

Vintage White Gown for Wedding or Party

Vintage White Gown for Wedding or Party
Vintage White Beaded Gown

It’s available at Anxiously Red Vintage at Etsy. If this wonderful gown is gone, when you go to look – never fear. She’s got LOTS of wonderful goodies, terrific pricing, and great feedback – you’ll find something you love in her shop 🙂

P.S. And don’t forget to check out her retro shoes. Wowza!

Vintage Fashion – Fabulous Finds

I couldn’t resist – I got sidetracked when I found these wonderful vintage finds. THIS is why I love vintage fashion!

white linen vintage shirt

Now that is just a classic. White linen, it’ll look good forever (and you can bleach it, gently!) Belt it, wear it loose, wear it over a bathing suit or with black velvet. Totally a classic.

And these!

Vintage Purple Ballet Flat Shoes

I mean, talk about fun shoes – purple, and suede, and ballet flats? Love them. Comfy and adorable.

These are from one of my favorite vintage shops on Etsy, Look Again Vintage. Even if these goodies are gone when you read this (and yeah, somebody will grab them) there are always great finds over there.

So cool. So fun. And did I mention affordable? I do love vintage!

Classic Ruby Rhinestone Necklace

I was looking for a vintage ruby rhinestone necklace recently – a customer request made me curious. She was looking for a Miriam Haskell (or knockoff). Anyway it got me to looking, and I found to my surprise that there were very few to be found! I’m not sure why red, or ruby, is a hard color to find.

I had just made a classic style, ruby rhinestone necklace for another customer – obviously this one isn’t vintage (though the ovals are true vintage, made in West Germany about 50 years ago). I thought it turned out well:

It’ll be a wonderful Valentine’s present – and yes, it’ll be available through Weekend Jewelry. It’s not even onsite yet – but will be pronto!