Fall Fashion Part 1

Because I’m getting in the mood for Fall – fresh air and new outfits (even if they’re thrifted or vintage, they’re new to me). Don’t get me wrong – I love summer. But Fall Is terrific!

And look what goodies I’ve been finding:

Red Print Vintage Dress from Baby Bird Vintage on Etsy

This red print peplum dress – from Baby Bird Vintage on Etsy – is a great summer-into-fall transition dress. And it’s affordable, and flattering, and cute. Love it!


Emerald Green Long Gown from Baby Bird Vintage on Etsy
I love this gown – it’s jersey so it’ll never wrinkle, it’s super affordable, and it’s a great color 🙂 Add a lacy shawl and some bling and wear it to Homecoming or for a Christmas party! Yes, it’s from
Baby Bird Vintage on Etsy

and this!

Black Velvet Blazer from Baby Bird Vintage on Etsy
You will wear this
Baby Bird Vintage black velvet blazer all the time. Push up the sleeves, throw on a tee or tank and a pair of jeans and you can go to work – or out with the girls – or a club. I’m telling you, all the time!

And these are only a small portion of the cool finds she’s got in her shop – if these are gone when you check, there WILL be more. These are wearable, comfortable – affordable – clothes you can fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. Check out her shop, you’ll thank me!

Ruby Slippers

From the “did you know department” (or, the “how cool is this” department) : if you put “Ruby Slippers” into the search box over at Etsy, you get (as of today) 1,449 choices!

I guess I’m not the only one who adored those shoes 🙂 And of course, there are lots of things that could be associated with ruby slippers, like these…

Wicked Witch and Ruby Slippers Bookmark
A Wicked Witch and Ruby Slippers Bookmark

from KaraNichols on Etsy

Ruby Slippers Cupcake Toppers
Ruby Slippers Cupcake Toppers

from The Blissful Baker on Etsy

or – of course – actual ruby slippers like these!

Ruby Slippers made for you
Actual Ruby Slippers – made for you

from Princess Pumps on Etsy

Because honestly, everybody needs some ruby slippers in their life. Too fun!

Emerald Vintage Glass – and New Work

This is just a peek at some of the work I’m going to be featuring this season. Haven’t even got it posted (or linked) yet – so, call it shades of things to come (and if you want to find out about it in the meantime, send me a note to jennifer at weekend-jewelry dot com…)

Emerald Vintage Rhinestone and Swarovski Crystal Earrings available from Weekend Jewelry
Emerald  Vintage Rhinestone Octagon and Antiqued Silver Filigree Necklace ... available at Weekend Jewelry

Am just loving the emerald this year!

Do It Yourself – the benefits of DIY

I could go on and on about the benefits of doing it yourself. It’s fun to create things – it’s cool to be able to get exactly what you want – it’s wonderful to be able to give a gift that you made yourself, with love.

And all that is entirely true. But really? Here’s the bottom line:

Pink Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings Peridot Rhinestone Teardrop Earrings

Cost to make each of these pairs of pretty earrings? About $5.00.

You see my point 🙂

Color Trends Fall 2012

I get a kick out of reading the “color trends” for each season. They’re fun to read, and if you’re in retail, they can be handy indicators of what colors you’re going to want in your store.

But it’s a con game, too.

Pantone is generally regarded as the most reputable trend-projector. Here’s a link to their Color Trends for Fall 2012. The colors include “French Roast” (brown); “Honey Gold” (which is, well, gold), “Tangerine Tango” (orange), “Pink Flambe” (deep pink), “Ultramarine Green” (deep teal-ish green), “Olympian Blue” (rich deep blue), and “Titanium” (gray).

And as a comparison, here’s the report for Pantone’s Color Trends for Fall 2011. The colors include “Coffee Liqueur” (brown); “Bamboo” (gold), “Emberglow” (dusty orange-y coral), “Honeysuckle” (deep pink), “Deep Teal” (deep teal!), and “Quarry” (bluish-gray).

And, in Fall 2010: Color Trends for Fall 2010. For that season, the colors included “Chocolate Truffle” (brown); “Golden Glow” (gold), “Living Coral” (dusty coral), “Lagoon” (turquoise-ish teal!), and “Oyxter Gray” (gray).

I haven’t mentioned each color for each season – just some examples. You’re probably noticing a trend.

The professionals are projecting that these will be among the really hot colors for the upcoming Fall 2012 Retail Season:

Brown, Gold, Dark Pink, Deep Green or Blue, and Gray

Well, duh.

They’ve said that each year for like, every season you’ve probably been alive. Or as long as Pantone’s been listened to. And of course brown and gray and deep green or blue are going to be popular for Fall.

My point?

1. It’s not the colors that are “new” – it’s the NAMES of the colors.
2. Semantics, semantics, semantics, and did I mention marketing?
3. Trends = marketing = sales.

So stop worrying about it. Go with what looks good to YOU. Somebody will have a name for it that IS the “color of the season”.

And hey, you tell me. Are these pear jewels “Ultramarine Green” or are they not? Am I on trend, or what?

Teal Green Vintage Glass Jewels

Yeah, like I said 🙂

Vintage Earring Jewels

And in this little foray into “how could you wear this” dress (see prevous post), of course I had to mention that a strong, beautiful pair of earrings would enhance this outfit beautifully.

These jewels, for example, would be wonderful with “our” lovely vintage dress:

Sapphire Blue Vintage Rhinestone Jewels

Yes, they’re a more vivid sapphire blue than the dress. Think how lovely they’d be as earrings, peeking through tousled waves like the model’s ‘do. Or a casual updo? Perfect. And glam. And of course, if you do it yourself? Major affordable.

Yes, the jewels are available in my vintage jewelry supplies shop on Etsy 🙂

And especially with the holidays coming up – oh not quite yet, but still headed our way – my goodness, why not do it yourself and save?

Gorgeous Vintage Shoes

And then, of course, one must have shoes! I draw your attention to the wonderful vintage party dress I found yesterday (see the previous post). And then I saw These Shoes:

Vintage Navy Pumps

They’re available at a lovely vintage shoe shop on Etsy called “The Neon Ribbon by Tiffzilla”. She has beautiful shoes there – many of them unworn! You absolutely must check it out.

Because if not these navy pumps – why then other vintage pumps of wonderful quality and delectable prices! Go. Hurry 🙂

Vintage Party Dresses

Something got me in the mood lately – and I’ve started looking around for some wonderful party dresses for the holidays… vintage of course! I love that I’m not going to see my dress on a dozen other people at the party – and vintage glam doesn’t hurt, either 🙂

For instance, this lovely dress from Blue Velvet Vintage caught my eye:

Blue Party Dress from Blue Velvet Vintage

It’s beautiful – and unusual – and look at the detailing. The sleeves are sexy! The hem is flattering, especially with a pump. Though I think I’d add a very strappy navy or black sandal rather than the shoes the model is wearing. Add some sparkly dangling earrings, and this dress could take you, well, anywhere 🙂

Vintage Rhinestone Heart Jewels

Because, well, heart jewels are always of the good. Hearts mean love. Hearts are always in style. If you make jewelry to sell, hearts are a pretty good bet – boyfriends and husbands want to make their sweeties happy. Hearts do that and the guys know it.

And did I mention that hearts = love? This is a win-win idea!

Such as these pretty vintage rhinestone heart jewels I currently have in stock:

Vintage Rhinestone Clear Heart Jewels
Garnet Hearts - Vintage Glass Jewels
Crystal Heart Jewels from my Etsy shop

Sometimes I have other colors too… peridot, light sapphire, siam…. stop by and check (or send me a note and ask!)

Because vintage heart jewels are always of the good 🙂