Aqua glass jewels – and DIY earring designs

I wanted to show you a few earring designs – just as examples – that you could make, with a pair of glass jewels and some ornaments. Simple ones, silver ones, inexpensive and easy to use.

DIY earring designs with aqua glass  teardrop jewels

The ornaments I’ve used here are available in my shop – or you may well have some at home that you can use. A feather, a flower, a silver leaf… you see the possibilities. Of course you can use more complex designs – and they can be wonderful. But even simple ideas have great style.

And you can do it 🙂

Aquamarine or Aqua Stud Earrings

You know that aquamarine is the March birthstone, right? So I got to thinking about aqua, aqua blue, aquamarine, light turquoise…. all those color names for pretty aqua jewels. And since I had just found that totally darling aqua prom dress (see post here), I thought it could be fun to look at aqua earrings, too.

Let’s go understated, first.

aqua rhinestone button or stud earring jewels

These stud earring jewels are easy to use (just glue on earring posts – E6000 is a pretty reliable jewelry glue). They’re small(ish) but large enough to have a bit of impact, about 1/2″ long. They’d be great day or night – and kind of extra fun, when people *expect* you to wear long dangly earrings – and you’ve got on a pair of classy button earrings, instead.

Anyway. That’s a start. Don’t get me wrong, I like dangly earrings too – and I’m going to come back in a day or two and show off some designs I think you’ll like.

But meanwhile? Aquamarine blue. March birthstone. Make a birthday present for your BFF or your mom. Or you, of course 😉

Aqua vintage prom dress

And really this is what vintage is all about. Good vintage, anyway. First and most important, this is a terrific dress.

Aqua vintage prom dress from Ruffles and Daisies

And: it’s vintage. Which means it’s probably better made than a lot of the new dresses you’ll find in shops these days. Also a better value (Yes!) And you’re not going to see ten of them at your prom, which is cool too.

And it’s girly and pretty – and that princess seaming? Uber flattering. And the lacing is a little bit sexy and fun. But not so racy they’ll kick you out of the prom.

I found this treasure at Ruffles and Daisies, a vintage boutique on Etsy. Kati, the curator and shop owner, has a great eye. She’s got some wonderful finds – and she shows them cleanly and clearly, with an eye for showing details – an all important skill for selling online.

Go peek. You’ll thank me!

(And by the way. Yes, this will be a great prom dress. But it’s one of those rare styles that could look super on somebody 16 – or 60. Like I said: a GOOD dress!)

Spring 2015 colors

Yes, I’m thinking Spring. I’m so looking forward to warm weather and sunshine and playing outside 😉

Spring 2015 colors.... jonquil peridot and aqua glass jewel charms

Aren’t those lovely? And think how pretty as a delicate pendant, on a simple gold chain. Or earrings that will look great with so many outfits. Easy, affordable, wearable.

And pretty. That just sounds good, right now!

Patina brass and amethyst glass pendant

I’ve had so many requests lately for amethyst beads and jewels – and pendants. I think partly because amethyst is known as the gemstone of love – and even glass jewels have that same mystique.

patina brass and amethyst glass cabochon pendant

and – this part is not mysterious – they’re pretty, and affordable, and easy to use. Add a jump ring or bail, slip it on a chain, and your vintage style necklace is ready to wear.

Are we thinking Prom yet? (Yes!)

Vintage Faux Fur Winter Hat

Baby, it’s cold outside!

So when I saw this chichi faux winter hat, vintage of course, and sort of adorable, I just wanted to mention it.

vintage faux fur winte rhat from Saint Vintage Clothing boutique on Etsy

Much as I might wish for spring, it’s still winter, and I’m one of the lucky ones – it’s only cold here, with a smattering of snow. It could be a LOT worse (hello, Boston, you brave souls!)

So dressing warmly is just plain smart. But there’s no reason it can’t be chic, too. Imagine this hat, with an old lined Burberry trench and Audrey Hepburn sunglasses. Yeah. That’s, well, practically hot 🙂

I found this beauty at Saint Vintage on Etsy. Terry, the shop owner and curator, has a wonderful eye for display – and for finding treasures. Her pics are clean and fresh and her listings are informative – just what you need to find that special goodie. Go visit. You’ll thank me 🙂

P.S. Terry also has links to her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages – and (drum roll) a 10% coupon for visiting. Now I know you’ll thank me!

Blue zircon octagon jewels – so rich!

I don’t think it’s just me. I think these wonderful blue zircon octagon jewels (glass jewels, that is) look fabulously luxurious.

sheer blue zircon octagon beads (glass or rhinestone jewels) in my Etsy shop

I’ve had blue zircon octagons before, in a foiled-back setting, and they’re super. But this is actually one of those colors that I think is even better when it’s sheer, so the light shines through. It looks good on just about everybody, it’s great year-round, and the octagon cut (closely resembling the classic gemstone “emerald cut”) feels very luxe.

Use these jewels in a simple setting – as an oversized button earring (yes I have no-ring, closed back settings for them) – or a simple drop earring – or a fabulous classic emerald-cut pendant. You’ll look like a million bucks.

You just don’t have to spend that kind of money 🙂


Peach Glass Teardrop Jewels

Peach is such a pretty color – it looks good year round of course, but I’m having those spring thoughts again. Bet you are too 🙂

peach teardrop jewels in my Etsy shop

Peach also has the advantage of being flattering to almost every skin tone. Petite teardrops, pretty color, flattering shade, available in both golden and silver settings…and oh, did we mention affordable? That helps too.

You guys stay warm! And think spring. Couldn’t hurt. Might help 😉

Setting glass stones – when they don’t fit (Part One)

This is just a handy little tip. When you’re setting glass stones in brass (or silver, or you-name-it) settings, very often they don’t quite fit. Especially vintage stones. (No, actually, it’s a crapshoot with any stones. Seems like there are always little discrepancies between what they ought to be, and what they Are.)

So if your jewel, your stone, is just a little too big, try this:

how to set stones when you need to enlarge your settings

It won’t work if your stone is way too big. But a millimeter or so (and that’s a LOT, with calibrated stones) – you can make it work.

I’ll do more pics soon – i.e., what if your stone is too *small*?

It can be done 🙂