Light Colorado Topaz Glass Octagons – new size!

I’ve just gotten in more “light colorado topaz” (light golden tan) glass gems – in a new size. They’re 14mm x 10mm octagons – that’s approximately 5/8″ x 3/8″. It’s a great size for small(ish) pendants, or glass connectors or earring jewels.

This color is one of the most popular in my shop! I think partly because it looks so rich – and it’s great with so many colors we wear everyday. Neutral – almost – but warmer and softer than gray or black.

And from now until December 2, 2023, if you buy these 14x10mm octagons in my shop, you can buy one pair – get one free! Whether you buy one pair or ten. Just an introductory special you understand – and only if you mention this blog post when you order. I think you’ll love them!

Black glass octagons – pendant and earring jewels

We all know that when we aren’t sure what color to wear, what color will work – we can wear black. This goes for jewelry too. How many times is there black in your outfit? So you grab some jewelry or other – how cool is it when you can grab your black jewelry!

These opaque, jet black glass stones make it easy. Easy to have a pendant with the 18mm x 13mm octagon (that’s approximately 3/4″ x 1/2″). Add a chain, maybe an accent color *if you like* – and youn necklace is ready. For earrings – you can make them complex and fussy if you want (what *you* want is the absolutely most important criteria) – but these 14mm x 10mm (5/8″ x 3/8″) black octagons make great earrings. Slip an earwire through the loop at the top of these prong settings, and you’re set.

These can be as dressy as you like – imagine with a spaghetti strap dress with swirly skirt for dancing. And they’re also great with jeans. (Of course most everything is great with jeans). These are easy and inexpensive and there are even more sizes available in my shop.

Save money, have fun, and make great jewelry! That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Do it yourself – a classic necklace design idea

I think I’ve featured a similar style before, though not with these stones. I think it’s important to show (show off!) a necklace design idea that looks great, can be adapted to any color combination you prefer, and doesn’t take a lot of time or money to accomplish!

Take this basic idea – two beautiful gems or beads in complementary colors – and run with it! Look at the stones and beads you have available (or of course, go shopping at my shop (hey, I have to put in a plug, right?) Pick the colors that match the outfit you love – or the one you want to make for your bff. Use different shapes – use *what works for your style and eye for beauty*.

Make it your own. You’ll love it!

Elegant Neutral Glass Jewels – Customizeable!

Another vote for neutral glass jewels! Yes I love color, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes neutrals – gray, cream, black – speak quietly. But with great panache (love that word). Neutral has power!

And many times you don’t want your earrings (or tiny pendant) to compete with your outfit. You want quiet – but gorgeous. These earring jewels do that.

And – bonus! These are customizeable. You pick the color of the tiny round stone at the top of the setting. Use light gray (black diamond) as shown here. Or sparkling crystal. Or vivid aqua! There’s a whole list of colors to choose from. Go pick the combo that works best with your bridesmaid dresses, or your best Business Suit. Custom jewelry – and affordable. This works!

DIY Earring design idea – red and white!

I was just looking at stones on my worktable, after doing up some new photos and..okay, I was playing. These stones are red, and white. Christmas colors, you know? And Valentine’s Day colors. And, colors that we actually wear.

So yeah, with holidays, this idea comes at a great time. But of course, the design works with any colors you want. And any shapes, for that matter. I think it works well to have a bit of contrast – the larger, opaque white round stones paired with the smaller, sparkling red diamonds. With green – also great. How about black and white?

You get the idea, I know. Play with shapes and colors. Make the design your own!

P.S> No those aren’t actually diamonds! Diamond shape. You know I don’t think we should have to spend big bucks to make jewelry. Diamond shape!!!

Clear glass pendant and earring jewels

I love this set of clear glass “gemstones”. I put quotes around the word “gemstones” because of course these stones are not precious. But they are lovely – and work beautifully for a pendant and coordinating earring jewels. You could use this octagon pendant all alone, “as is” – it makes a lovely pendant. Add the two diamond-shaped glass gems to make a more elaborate necklace. Use the smaller stones in one-ring settings for coordinating earrings, or add other beads and jewels. You can imagine the possibilities!

Part of what I want to focus on here, is that “just” clear glass – (nicely faceted and clear of flaws, well mostly) can make fabulous jewelry. You don’t need to have Bright Flashy Stones, or spend a fortune.

And of course, these go with pretty much everything. Talk about a win!