Light Colorado Topaz Glass Octagons – new size!

I’ve just gotten in more “light colorado topaz” (light golden tan) glass gems – in a new size. They’re 14mm x 10mm octagons – that’s approximately 5/8″ x 3/8″. It’s a great size for small(ish) pendants, or glass connectors or earring jewels.

This color is one of the most popular in my shop! I think partly because it looks so rich – and it’s great with so many colors we wear everyday. Neutral – almost – but warmer and softer than gray or black.

And from now until December 2, 2023, if you buy these 14x10mm octagons in my shop, you can buy one pair – get one free! Whether you buy one pair or ten. Just an introductory special you understand – and only if you mention this blog post when you order. I think you’ll love them!

Black glass octagons – pendant and earring jewels

We all know that when we aren’t sure what color to wear, what color will work – we can wear black. This goes for jewelry too. How many times is there black in your outfit? So you grab some jewelry or other – how cool is it when you can grab your black jewelry!

These opaque, jet black glass stones make it easy. Easy to have a pendant with the 18mm x 13mm octagon (that’s approximately 3/4″ x 1/2″). Add a chain, maybe an accent color *if you like* – and youn necklace is ready. For earrings – you can make them complex and fussy if you want (what *you* want is the absolutely most important criteria) – but these 14mm x 10mm (5/8″ x 3/8″) black octagons make great earrings. Slip an earwire through the loop at the top of these prong settings, and you’re set.

These can be as dressy as you like – imagine with a spaghetti strap dress with swirly skirt for dancing. And they’re also great with jeans. (Of course most everything is great with jeans). These are easy and inexpensive and there are even more sizes available in my shop.

Save money, have fun, and make great jewelry! That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

DIY Earring Design with Black Diamond Glass Gems

This pic shows how terrific neutral glass gems can be in jewelry design. The shapes in this particular design are 10x10mm diamonds used as connectors, and faceted 18x13mm ovals. The “black diamond” (gray) color isn’t even an exact match.

And of course that doesn’t matter at all. The colors don’t have to be exact matches – I actually prefer it when they aren’t 🙂 And of course the design showed here is only a suggestion. I really just wanted to point out that “neutral” can still be eye-catching. Use what you have (or buy more from my shop, of course!) Play with the combinations that work best *for you*. And have fun!

Golden Topaz Glass Gems – the November birthstone color

A friend of mine recently asked for some ideas for golden topaz glass earrings – and she knows I usually have several jewel styles and shapes in my shop. I showed her these (plus a few others in that section):

Seriously she had trouble making up her mind! She surprised me – she went for the small(ish) round gems shown in the upper right pic, a little more conservative than I expected from her. But she said they were perfect: they had enough color and presence to really show, without being large or heavy.

I’m going to surprise her next week with another pair or two, just to show her some variety. I’ll post some here. But you know that’s the great thing about DIY jewelry – you get to make what you want!

Sapphire Blue and Red Necklace Design Idea

I highlighted some of my favorite sapphire blue glass gems in a post a few days ago – and that was prompted in part by sapphire blue being the birthstone color for September. Plus I just think sapphire blue is beautiful, and flattering, and easy to wear all year round. So there’s that. But also – September birthstone, right? So then I wanted to share this necklace design idea.

This is a classic design, linking glass gems to a focal pendant – and of course you could choose the shapes and colors you like best. The teardrop (or pear) shaped pendant here is gorgeous – but you’ll use your own favorite elements and make this design your own. That’s the fun of jewelry design!

Black Diamond Glass Stones – on sale!

Black diamond glass gems are one of those colors that look great year-round, on almost every skin tone. They’re neutral and sometimes just a bit more interesting than solid black or white!

Of course they also look great *with* solid black or white. As always, play with new combinations of stones that please your sense of creativity.

And from today through midnight on Monday, July 31, 2023, all the black diamond glass stones in my shop are on sale. Buy any two pairs (or pendants) and get one for free! Just send me a note when you order and let me know which freebie you want. Make your own DIY jewelry – and save money too. This is a win!

Vivid Glass Jewels – a jewelry design idea for you to adapt!

I wanted to show off these vivid glass jewels in bright colors – ruby red and sapphire blue. As shown here, these are examples of how you can combine strong primary colors – and it works.

This earring design idea could use other colors and shapes, of course. I think the balance of small, sapphire rounds (these are vintage) and larger faceted ruby red ovals is a combination that works. Try your own ideas, grab colors and shapes from your workroom or (of course) see what other jewels I have available!

Do it yourself jewelry is just a great, useful idea. You don’t have to spend a lot of money – and you can create whatever you want. That’s the way it’s supposed to be!

Emerald green glass stones – and a BOGO sale!

emerald green glass stones

Find these emerald green vintage glass teardrops, and emerald 8x8mm diamond shape (or diagonal square) glass gems here:
my Weekendjewelry1 jewelry supplies shop on Etsy

And just for fun, I’m having a aecret BOGO sale – buy one, get one free! Make any purchase in my shop, small or large, and you can get a free pair of jewels, or pendant, for free! Just mention this blog post when you order – and let me know what freebie you want. Offer good through midnight on Monday, February 20, 2023. Happy hunting!

Aqua and aquamarine blue – the birthstone color for March!

And as long as I’m thinking of birthstone colors (see previous post!) – March is not that far off! I’ve got quite a few aqua glass jewels in my shop but I wanted to take a minute to highlight a few of the terrific sheer aqua glass gems I have in stock right now:


I know I mentioned that amethyst purple is popular year round. Which is true – but amethyst has nothing on aqua! Aqua blue is one of the most popular colors – or even the most popular (emerald is high on that list too). It’s flattering on – well I was going to say every skin tone. I think that’s actually true: aqua is flattering to every skin tone. Light, dark, sallow, peachy, pale… you name your skin color, you can wear aqua! I’m astonished that more retailers don’t capitalize on that.

Of course they have to continue to sell new merchandise that changes every season, so we’ll just let that go. But believe me – you look good in aqua!

Happy New Year!

Celebrating the start of the new year! That’s the most important thing to say: I hope you all have a healthy, prosperous, happy, fun, new year for you and yours!

P.S. And let’s see if we can up the “kindness quotient” everywhere. It helps!