Emerald teardrop earring jewels

Because emerald is always flattering – much easier to wear than, say, olivine green (which I think is tangy and interesting and wonderful). But these emerald glass jewels? Rich and classic – and gorgeous. And: teardrops, because this is the most feminine wonderful shape.

emerald green teardrop glass jewels

And of course, it’s a Christmas color. Your earrings can be holiday(ish) and still be gorgeous! If, you know, you aren’t in the mood for Little Elf or candy cane jewelry to wear with your new LBD: velvet, long-sleeved, vee-neck (front AND back) dress.

Add earwires and your earrings are done. There’s enough fuss and frazzle in the world: make your DIY, fabulous, expensive (looking) earrings be easy.

Plus: May birthstone. Just in case you need to know that 🙂

Upcycled clothing at its finest

I absolutely had to share this top with you. It is a great-looking, unusual, fun, crazy piece of clothing.

upcycled boho gypsy top available at Primitive Fringe boutique

Just imagine how much FUN it would be to wear this top? It’s made from vintage fabric and recycled tee shirts, so you know it’s comfy and feels good. I mean – fabulous and unusual. Affordable. And upcycled! This is just what I want to find when I go shopping.

I found it at Primitive Fringe at Etsy. Deanna, the artist and owner, has truly done some scrumptious work there. And – after I found this shirt, and more yummy upcycled clothing, I discovered that she has also done colorful, terrific jewelry too.

This place is such a find!

Red Cushion Cut Glass Jewels

The faceted rhinestone shape called “cushion cut” is one of the hottest trends I’m seeing lately. This octagon with rounded corners is appearing on high-end and trendy jewelry – and such a classy style!

siam red cushion cut glass bead jewels

These measure about 1/2″ x 1/2″ – a great size to add sparkle every day, without being too much. Of course the siam red color is perfect for holidays and Christmas.

I also have classic crystal (clear) stones available in my Etsy shop, as well as black diamond – and other colors on the way. These make great DIY earrings – check them out!

Upcycled home decor – key rack

This is a great example of art that is also functional – and since it’s also upcycled, it’s like the best of both (all) worlds.

upcycled and recycled bicycle parts become a key rack

Is that not great? It’s fabulous looking – interesting, funky, and modern. And hey, you don’t have to lose your keys anymore!

And best of all, it’s upcycled – it started life as bits and pieces, wood, and a discarded bicycle gear. I found it at Winterwoman Designs on Etsy. Jean, the artist, has some fabulous jewelry, home decor and kinetic sculpture, most made with recycled and upcycled bicycle parts, and all made with skill and artistry. Check out her shop, you’ll thank me!

And your keys will have a handsome new home 🙂

Clear glass pendant and earrings jewels set

This is a pretty, almost petite jewel set – perfect for a bridesmaid or whenever you want just a hint of sparkle 🙂

clear glass pendant and earring jewels set at Weekendjewelry1 on Etsy

See what I mean? These glass jewels aren’t loud or in-your-face. They’re delicate and lovely. The oval pendant is just 3/4″ x 1/2″ – perfect on a delicate chain, maybe with a small added cluster of pearls or sparkling little beads. The earring jewels are sweet teardrops, just 5/8″ long.

You can wear these anytime – and dress them up or down. This is just the kind of thing to make for yourself or a gift – it’ll go with everything.

Yes, they’re available in my Etsy shop 🙂

Why I love Subway

Okay, first, as fast food goes, Subway’s probably my favorite. A BLT on whole wheat – no mayo, no sauce, just lots of lettuce, tomato, and bacon for flavor. Yummy and not totally decadent. And then, to make me love the place more, I found this on Pinterest.

Subway restaurant sign

It’s from a Buzzfeed page,
21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity. Sometimes we need to see these.

I don’t know which Subway restaurant this was, and it was probably only once. Maybe. Or maybe they made that offer every Friday. I don’t know. But they did it, and think how good it made them feel. Not the people who ate there (I hope there were lots) – but the people who work there, and made the sandwiches, and shared in this. It feels good to help, even if it’s only a little, even if it’s only once in a while, even if it’s only a sandwich.

Sometimes we need to remember that.

Fabulous dress for fall – Vintage, of course

We were talking about dresses the other day – how they should be good-looking, and comfortable, and wearable for work (usually) and even for everyday, they should have a pizzaz. Also they shouldn’t cost a fortune. Also they should, preferably, be vintage, because that’s just better.

And! Here we are:

vintage gray dress - plus size, gorgeous, easy to wear

See, I told you true: this is a fabulous dress! Feminine – but not fussy. Great with flats or stilettos. Year round.

You’ll find it at Olivia’s Butterfly, a vintage shop on Etsy. And it is filled with wonderful goodies. Affordable. Wearable. You can tell that just by the pics and the staging: Kayla, the shop owner, knows how to show her items, how to photograph them and how to tell you about them. She tells it like it is, flaws if there are any, and her prices are major reasonable.

This is a find. You will want to visit this shop and bookmark it, and remember it when you’re shopping for yourself or for gifts.

Because this dress? could take you anywhere. A club. Dinner. Church. Paris. Seriously.