DIY Jewelry Design – color is fun!

This pic is just a way of showing how much fun color can be! I think the white opal glass octagons and fuschia pink teardrop are pretty together:

white opal glass octagon jewels and fuschia pink teardrop in a DIY necklace design

But it’s the green background I wanted to mention. I know, a graphic background is totally not relevant! Except to show that vivid color, combined with other strong colors, can be really eye-catching. And sometimes you want to do that. You’re wearing a quiet outfit, looks nice but no juice? Add a bright pair of earrings. Or maybe dye your hair green.

Okay, go with the earrings – it’s easier to change them (and they probably cost less too).

Color is fun 🙂

Diamonds – and crystal – are the birthstone for April.

So the ideal birthday present for your April birthday girl would be diamonds. For your mom’s April birthday, or your daughter, or your girlfriend. But we can’t always afford diamonds. And crystal – foil backed glass, well faceted, cleanly made – can be pretty wonderful. And happily, crystal is also the April birthstone! So if you’re not in the market for “emerald cut” (octagon shaped) diamond earrings – the prices I found today ranged from $629 to $3,857 – well, you might consider these lovely octagon rhinestone jewels for your next earrings project 😉

emerald cut crystal earring jewels... crystal octagon glass gems

And you can go for the diamonds some other time. Meanwhile – pretty earrings 🙂

Birthstone necklace idea – a gift for Mom

And here’s another idea – a necklace design that could incorporate birthstone colors. Of course this is just one possible style – but sometimes it’s fun to look at designs!

design for Mothers Day necklace using birthstone colors

This particular design features a large teardrop-shaped focal pendant in aqua, the birthstone color for March; as well as round rivoli-faceted jewels in crystal (crystal or diamond is the birthstone for April), more aqua blue, and bright red – ruby or siam red is the birthstone color for July.

Obviously you’ll want to customize these colors for your own mom’s necklace – with the shapes and very personal colors of your own design 🙂

Gifts for Mom, Part 2 – personalize with color

Birthstone colors, that is. Yes, I’m mentioning this idea again – because it’s so easy to do, and if you’re DIYing or making gifts, it’s nice that there’s a simple, pretty way to make jewelry that’ll be really personal for her.

pink and peridot green glass jewels for October and August birthstones

These delicate earring drops (or tiny pendant) are shown with pink glass gems – the October birthstone colors are pink, or pink opal, or rose quartz – and peridot green, the birthstone color for August. You can choose customized, personalized colors – that’s the whole point.

Easy to do, inexpensive, and personal – this makes a great gift for Mom!

Or for you 🙂

Refashioned upcycled fashion – so cute!

I just found the cutest top! Now if you ask me, this is fashion at its best. This top started out as an out of shape old too-big tee shirt. And now it’s cute and your teen might even wear it, unlike most of the stuff you try to pick out for her! (Or, who am I kidding, YOU will wear it!)

refashioned upcycled tee shirt top

Now this is not a radical fussy change. It’s just a great one. It’s probably not super difficult to do – I sew a lot, and I could probably figure it out. Maybe. The thing is, I don’t have to. You don’t have to 🙂

I found it at Twice Stitched on Etsy – and Vanessa, the designer/artist/shop owner has some of the most fun, original, interesting, adorable clothes! It’s just a (big) plus that they are also eco-friendly and upcycled. And did I mention? Major affordable!

You need to go shop there. You’ll thank me. The environment will thank you.

And you’ll look so good!

Gifts for Mom – use Birthstone colors

Are you going to make a gift for your mom this year? Or maybe your customer is asking for birthstone colors for the earrings she wants for her mother 🙂

And it’s simple to select the birthstone colors you need to use for your “gift for mom”. Here’s an example of earring drops (or a delicate pendant) made with three stones – sapphire blue for September birthdays, amethyst purple for February, and aqua blue for March. If those are your kids’ birth months, you’re good to go!

sapphire amethyst and aquamarine birthstone color glass gems

In this triple-jewel setting it’s easy to customize the colors for your earrings. These are delicate little drops, about 1″ long – which makes them super comfy for earrings. There are two-jewel settings too of course, and I’ll be featuring those soon. And if you have more kids? There are designs we can work on, easy peasy 🙂

As always, if you don’t see the exact “triple” settings, or rhinestones in the birthstone colors you need, just ask. If I haven’t got them already I’ll get them, or help you find them. It’ll be fun and easy to make your mom a customized birthstone gift!

Birthstone colors for jewelry – part one

I’ve been looking at glass jewel combinations lately – in birthstone colors, that is. I had a lovely girl ask me to send her the stones for a bracelet with the birthstone colors of her three kids – and that got me thinking about stone colors, and personalized jewelry in general, and of course Mother’s Day.

So I’m going to take a few pics here and there of combinations of glass jewels that look great – and are also representative of colors that could be picked because of your kids birthdays!

Like these:

emerald green aquamarine and crystal glass jewels in birthstone colors

Now these particular jewels are emerald green – the birthstone for May; white or crystal or diamond, which is the birthstone (and color) for April; and aqua or aquamarine blue, which is the birthstone color for March. They’re pretty together, in whatever combination you choose – but if you have kids born on May 12, April 18, and March 7, these stones would be even more personal to you.

This is a fun way to play with colors – and if you’re making a gift for a Mom in your life, you can be guided by her kids birthdays! Easy peasy, fun, and personal – and a great gift idea 🙂

P.S. Of course you can always search my shop for other shapes in these colors – go to that spot on the upper right where it says “Search items” – and if you can’t find just the shape you need – ask!

Emerald green glass beads – great style!

A friend of mine was talking about finding some great emerald gemstone beads recently – so I just had to show her why I loved my glass beads. Okay, I love the gemstones too, don’t get me wrong. But for the money? Glass. Totally wins.

And I’ve got some terrific “multi stone” glass beads – that have two (or more) rhinestones. The extra rhinestone adds sparkle, and even more, it means you can customize to get exactly the color combo you want. Change that tiny crystal stone for pink, or amethyst, or aqua, or, hey, emerald!

emerald green glass multi stone beads

If I get a chance I’m going to take some more pics, using different colors for the small stones – just to show how yummy some of these combos can be.

Emerald it great for St. Patrick’s Day, of course, which just happens to be coming up pronto – and it’s the “official” birthstone color for May.

But really, it always looks classy. Affordable, wearable, flattering, and classy. This is a win 🙂

Black diamond (gray) glass teardrop beads

I’m loving these delicate, smaller teardrops this Spring. They’re girly, they’re easy to wear, they look good. They’re just a bit smaller than some of my classic teardrops – about 5/8″ high rather than 3/4″ – so they’re just that little bit more comfortable. I’m all about easy, pretty and comfy 🙂

black diamond framed glass pendant or earring jewels

And I love the “black diamond” color – plus it makes me smile. Trust Swarovski, I *think* it was, to come up with that snazzy, expensive-sounding name for this neutral gray! Whatever you call it, it’s a terrific and useful shade. It pretty much goes with everything – and always looks classy 😉

Easy, affordable, pretty. This is the way DIY jewelry is supposed to be!

PS I show these beads in silver plated brass settings, which is traditional and attractive. But sometime you might want to try using the gray beads with copper AND brass. Mix your metals – boho chic!