Crystal clear glass gems for your DIY jewelry

I just wanted to show a totally classic earring design – “classic” meaning it uses faceted clear glass (rhinestone) gems in two simple, classic shapes. Combine ovals and diamonds as shown in this example, and you have a lovely pair of DIY earrings!

Actually the same gems would make a striking necklace, too (or add another shape or two to make a long, dangling pendant. Gorgeous!) Really I just wanted to illustrate that by combining simmple gem shapes using this design idea – or adapting it to your own creative ideas – you’ll have some fabulous jewelry for a low cost.

P.S. And talk about wonderful bridal and wedding jewelry. Just saying!

Peridot green glass gems for DIY Jewelry – and August birthday gifts!

Peridot is the birthstone for August – and peridot green, the birthstone color. Having stones in this color makes it easy to create birthday gifts for girls born in August – and you don’t have to spend a lot of money!

And from now through Wednesday, July 5, 2023, all the peridot stones in my shop are on sale! Buy any peridot pendant or pair of jewels – and you get another one free. Yes that means your freebie can be any peridot gem(s) – it just has to be equal or lesser value to the one(s) you bought.

Make August birthday gifts – or just fun jewelry for yourself, for friends, and for customers. And save money!

Birthstone colors – November through February

It’s always a good idea to keep birthstone colors in mind, for the gifts you want to give or product you want to make. Note I didn’t say “birthstones”, which implies precious gems. Those are wonderful of course, but we don’t all have the budget for them. Birthstone colors, on the other hand, are every bit as appropriate – and we can all do this.

Right now let’s focus on birthdays from November through February. So, your birthstone colors would be:

November – golden topaz
December – blue zircon (teal or turquoise)
January – garnet red
February – amethyst purple

So for your birthday girls, or customers that are requesting birthstones – you know you can make their special jewelry. Don’t spend a fortune – make lovely DIY jewelry that doesn’t cost a lot. You’ll love it – and so will they!

Olivine Glass Jewels – for your DIY jewelry

I just got a new supply of olivine green glass pears in both 18mm x 13mm, and 14mm x 10mm size. These olivine gems are a bit brighter than my previous supply – a gorgeous fun color that’s just a bit unusual and, hmm, tangy!

Have fun making DIY earrings with these glass gems – I’m going to try combining the different shapes. The 8mm rounds with the 13x7mm pears… and maybe the larger pears as well. Long dangling earrings are just fun sometimes!

Or make a matching pendant and earrings in striking olivine green, as gifts for your buds, or your mom, or for yourself! The best kind of do it yourself jewelry – doesn’t cost a ton and you add your own creative touch. That’s what DIY is all about 🙂

Red Glass Octagons – a Jewel Set for DIY Pendant and Earrings

The bright red glass octagons shown in this pic are fabulous for earrings and a matching pendant. The pendant jewel shown here isn’t huge – it’s 14mm x 10mm, about 5/8″ high. Perfect for a delicate, feminine jewel on a delicate chain.

The smaller bright red octagon stones are terrific when you use two-ring (or loop) settings, and add charms or other stones. But you know, they’re also terrific “as is”. They’re 10mm x 8mm, about 3/8″ high. Large enough to make classic earrings – that aren’t heavy. Comfy *and* pretty earrings 🙂

Don’t you love it when you can make gorgeous jewelry, that’s simple to create – and doesn’t cost a lot? That’s the best of both worlds. You can make the jewelry *you* want, for gifts, for customers, or for yourself. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money!

Personalized earring design idea with glass jewels and brass hearts

A new, personalized earring design idea – I wanted to show off one way to use the heart-shaped, brass stamping tags. It’s such a wonderful – and easy – way to personalize your jewelry!

Stamping tags are pretty great. It’s not hard to find the steel letters to make the stamped impressions (let me know if you need help finding some). And with two heart tags, you can add initials to any jewelry item. Or use several and spell out your child’s name, or your favorite word, or the name of a team you love, or… well just anything you think would be fun to wear and share with the world!

The glass jewels I use here are 12x12mm “cushion cut” octagons (a classic square octagon shape with rounded corners). Of course you could use whatever jewels you love the most. Add the tags with jump rings, slip on some earwires, and you’re good to go! Personalized jewelry – that’s easy to make and doesn’t cost a lot. The best kind of DIY!