Vintage wiggle dress

Vintage is just the best, you know? So I’m not going to tell you – I’m going to show you. This vintage wiggle dress is so fabulous!

vintage wiggle dress from joules Jewels Vintage boutique on Etsy

Now I really don’t have to say anything else, because you can see for yourself. But just to mention a few things that occurred to me? This is a year-round dress, for one thing. Add a cardigan or jacket and it’s great for work, winter or summer (you know how cold AC can be). And of course it’s great for date night or church – it’s modest but kinda sexy too.

And! See how good it looks with only a pair of earrings for accessories? Talk about easy! But you could glam it up or down any way you want. And wear it with stilettos or flipflops. This is what clothes are supposed to be – goodlooking, easy to wear, easy to make YOU look good.

I found it in a darling boutique on Etsy, Joules Jewels Vintage. The owner/curator Jillian has a great eye – and some great finds. And did I mention affordable prices? Yes. Go there. You’ll thank me!

Blue zircon glass beads

I just got in a shipment of gorgeous blue zircon glass beads (or jewels) – pretty teardrops and faceted ovals. Take a peek:

blue zircon glass beads in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop

Blue zircon’s a classic year-round jewel color. It feels rich somehow, it’s flattering to most skin tones, and it’s one of the most popular colors this spring.

Try it – you’ll like it!

Antique Black Brass Settings

I’ve been having a lot of requests lately for antique black brass settings – smoky, brown-black, inky midnight… people are really loving the punk, boho look! And I’m lucky, I’m able to find some good supplies of these black brass settings, so most of my jewels can now be outfitted with your choice of golden raw brass, or antique patina brass, and now blackened brass. Like these:

red glass jewels in black brass settings
peridot glass jewels in blackened brass settings

Puts me in mind of the Orient Express, and Irene Adler for some reason 🙂

And remember, you can ask for any jewels in the blackened brass settings now… I don’t have all the listings updated yet, but the option is definitely available!

Crystal AB teardrop beads

Crystal AB is the name given in the jewelry trade to crystal – clear, colorless, sparkling – glass gems that have an “AB” coating. In this instance, “AB” stands for “aurora borealis”. To us, that means there are little glints of color on the crystal glass. Like this:

crystal AB beads in my Etsy shop

They’re pretty, they have a little extra sparkle, and they’re absolutely lovely for spring, for bridal and bridesmaid jewelry, and… hmm… for Prom. You know, in case you need some prom earrings that don’t cost a fortune…

Just sayin’ 🙂

Clear glass beads – trending for 2016

I’ve been hearing about this trend lately – we’ll see if it’s really true! Minimalistic clear glass jewels are fresh and new for 2016. Like these:

clear vintage glass octagon beads from Weekendjewelry1 on Etsy

These particular jewels are vintage glass (from the 1950s I think) that I’ve just restocked. They have well defined faceting, so that even with totally clear glass, they have a sparkle and catch the light beautifully. And of course, they’ll go with anything you wear! That makes for a good “go to” earring – or one to pack when you travel. No matter what you buy, you’ve got some jewelry to go with.

Of course the clear glass is also great with other colors – I’m going to do a few examples and post later. Stay tuned!