DIY jewelry storage

First – I am not organized by nature. I have to work at it, because if I don’t, stuff grows around me in piles and jumbles and pretty soon I can’t find anything and, well, you’ve been there, right? So: organization is good. DIY is good. Free or cheap is good.

Also Pinterest is good! Look at the terrific do it yourself jewelry storage idea I found today:

do it yourself jewelry storage

The back of the frame could be screening, or fabric, or foam core, or, well, lots of things that you could slip earring wires through – or stick pushpins in to hold necklaces – there are lots of alternatives. And you’ve probably got the iongredients sitting in your junk drawer. Go to Goodwill and find a frame for a dollar – spray paint it – and you’re on the way 🙂

And speaking of great storage and DIY organization ideas – follow that pin to its source and you’ll find I Heart Organizing Blog. Jen, the blogger, has TONS of great storage ideas over there. And it’s fun to read!

P.S. And if you’d like a little organizational help – check out Jen’s I Heart Organizing Etsy shop, too!

Before and After – Recycle Upcycle Refashion DIY

And then of course, if you’re feeling just a bit craftish, you can Do It Yourself. Sometimes this can be daunting, but you know, it doesn’t have to be. If you have no sewing skills at all this won’t be for you. But if you have just the bare basics – you’re good to go.

Take a look at One Little Momma’s self-described “Easiest, Quickest, Dress Refashion. Ever.”

thrift store dress to skirt refashion DIY

and here’s what it looked like before she transformed it:

thrift store dress to skirt refashion DIY

Yes, the sleeves were literally torn off, it was stained, etc. She gives clear instructions – with pics – on how she turned it into a cute wearable garment. Truly it’s not a big job. It cost her about a dollar, I think. And it has elastic in the waist now, so she can wear it while she’s expecting – and then later.

If you can’t sew – find some great vintage. If you CAN sew – find some great vintage and refashion it. Like I’ve said before – win/win 🙂

PS Plus her blog is full of great styling ideas and it’s just fun. Go read!

Fabulous 1940s Vintage Fashion

You know I”m always hunting (low key or top priority, depending) for lovely vintage frocks – my favorite way to dress. Interesting, flattering, unique, low cost compared to the high end stuff I’d want otherwise – AND it’s good for the planet. This is a win/win!

Sorry, I got sidetracked 🙂 Today I mostly just want to share this totally yummy dress I just found:

vintage blue 1940s dress available at Youthstep on Etsy

Is that a fabulous dress or what! Look at the detailing, the flattering cut, the total wearability – day or not-too-dressy evening. With the short sleeves, it’ll be great in springtime and summer – but you won’t freeze when you’re inside with air conditioning.

And it’s meant for a woman with curves! So in love with this one.

And I’m very impressed with the offerings at Youthstep – Vintage shop on Etsy. You can find some lovely and unusual items. And she’s very careful to describe the condition of her items – the hallmark I think of a quality shop.

Like I said – a win/win 🙂

Rhinestone Pear Two-Jewel Charms – Gorgeous DIY

I’ve found some wonderful new settings for my vintage rhinestone jewels – in golden brass, vintage patina brass, and silver. They make gorgeous multi-stone jewels for your DIY jewelry! Here are just a few sample colors:

Rhinestone Pear Two Jewel Charms

They measure just a smidge over 1″ high, so they’re a great size for earrings and pendants too – not too heavy to wear but plenty big enough to be noticed 🙂 And I’ve got lots of colors yet to photograph – vintage glass jewels in emerald green, rose pink, sparkling crystal and more. And the sparkly little rhinestones can be varied too – there are some wonderful combos possible!

Make your own earrings to match that perfect dress – or for your bridesmaids – or your mum for Mother’s Day. Do it – you’ll love the earrings (and she will too!)

P.S. Just an added bonus: the settings are all made in America and they’re brass, which is nickel and lead free – these are gentle and easy on the skin.

RIP Jeff Goldblum – say what?

I swear, I saw another “RIP Jeff Goldblum” thing on the net today. I get that it’s an April Fool’s joke, this time. What I don’t get is, why him? What did he ever do to whoever invented that story in the first place? This has got to be the 3rd or 4th year I’ve seen it floating around.

Jeff’s still around and kicking butt, I’m happy to say. And always interesting and watchable. Go Jeff!

But I still don’t get it.