Bohemian Upcycled Dress

I found this great dress on Etsy a little while ago:

Bohemian upcycled dress available at lillienoradrygoods on Etsy

Is that not a wonderful garment? It’s fun, it’s affordable, it’s not fussy or dressy – it’s just something you could toss on in the morning, go about your day, and know you look *good*. It’s available from Lillie Nora Dry Goods on Etsy and she has LOTS of great items, all upcycled I think, all fresh and fun and wearable.

And woo hoo, they are not made for a girl who wears Size 2! They are not tiny, they are not huge – they are made to fit Real Women! I am in love. Go check out this shop, you are so going to thank me!

Glass Jewel Connectors – DIY Jewelry

You know I think DIY is the coolest way to go. Yes, I sell jewelry supplies so that figures into it. But I also like to save money. I think this is a trend people enjoy 🙂

peridot green glass bead connectors

These pretty jewelry components can be used in earrings, necklaces, bracelets… add a pearl, a vintage glass jewel, brass charms or dangles…use them to connect the focal on a bracelet or necklace… you get the idea. Personalize it, interpret your own vision – make it yours: DIY.

Yes, they’re available in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop 🙂

Have fun!

Upcycled Fashion – the best kind

So you know I think recycling and UPcycling is super important. I also like to wear fun clothes that are functional and have style! Put these two ideas together and you get this cute cardigan:

upcycled wrap cardigan from Rebirth Recycling shop at Etsy

Is that not an adorable top? I like the way you could wear it year round. Right now I think it’d be great with even more color – a turquoise pencil skirt, or a bright red circle skirt, and of course one can always use more stuff to wear with blue jeans!

I found it at Rebirth Recycling on Etsy. To me it’s a major plus that Tina, the owner and designer, is making her garments using recycled and upcycled materials. Her work is original, she’s got rave reviews for the quality of her work and her customer service too – and her stuff is affordable!

Like I said, the very best kind of fashion 🙂

Vintage summer sandals

And no I am NOT obsessed with shoes. Really. I just happen to like pretty shoes, I mean we have to wear them anyway, right? So they might as well be darling little sandals like these:

vintage summer sandals available at LookAgainVintage on Etsy

I found them at Look Again Vintage, one of my favorite vintage shops at Etsy. The owner alwayis seems to find classy stuff and her customer service is great.

But really, it’s all about the shoes. Aren’t they adorable? They look comfy, they’re pretty, and they’re feminine but not Stilettos. I am officially in love!

Clear Glass Jewels – Minimalist DIY

I’m always surprised at how attractive clear glass beads and jewels are. Of course part of that is how they’re cut (faceted). Diamond cutters know what they’re talking about – the faceting makes all the difference. But you don’t have to own diamonds to have some pretty jewels to work with. Case in point:

clear glass diamond shape jewels in my Etsy shop

Pros and cons:

Pro – they go with everything;
Pro – they’re clean lined and attractive
Pro – they don’t cost much, whether in brass or silver settings;
Pro – with the addition of earwires, voila, you’ve got a fun new pair of earrings.

Con – okay, they aren’t diamonds.

I can’t think of any more. These are fun!