Welcome to my Vintage Glass Jewels (and Rhinestones) blog! And just so you know there’s a real person behind all this, here’s a little about me.

Jen Lownie

My name is Jennifer Lownie (Jen, that is). I love vintage. I love the craftsmanship and the beauty, I love the history, and I especially love that we are rescuing and reusing an item that would otherwise be discarded or forgotten. And let’s not forget, because it’s very important, that every time we use a vintage item, we are NOT buying something that had to be manufactured now, that uses up more of our planet’s dwindling resources. That’s a major plus.

I’m a jewelry designer by trade, and currently I have two “mainstream” jewelry stores online:

Paper Jewels featuring my lacquered paper jewelry site – my specialties include earrings and necklaces with Japanese kanji, as well as florals, and animals, and lots of lightweight earrings – many with vintage glass jewels.


Weekend Jewelry featuring my precious metal and gemstone jewelry – and yes, as I have time I’m moving more and more to vintage jewels in that work, too.

I also have a jewelry supplies shop on Etsy and yes, I do offer lovely vintage glass jewels for sale! I’ve been lucky enough to find some wonderful suppliers of these lovely glass rhinestones – and discovered that it’s as much fun to supply other jewelry designers with vintage pretties, as it is to make the jewelry!

It’s a wonderful feeling, when a customer sends an inquiry, to be able to say “Yes! I have the crystal rhinestone pears you’ve been looking for”, or whatever the current wish-list item is. I get the thrill of the hunt (we all know what a rush that can be!) with the opportunity to make a little money too. The best of both worlds.

So I’ll be talking lots about vintage glass jewels in my blog – and from time to time offering handy tips and techniques for jewelry design, and selling jewelry too. And of course I’ll be featuring lots of other vintage articles too – sharing design inspiration, and just showing off sites I’ve found that are wonderful and fun to browse 🙂

Have fun!