Fabulous vintage party dress

We’re talking va-voom here. This royal blue, vintage long dress is great-looking, it’s simple – the kind of “simple” that means well-designed and it’ll look good for 20 years instead of fussy and faddy. It’s classy but not boring. It’s *interesting* – in the good way:

vintage royal blue dress

You see what I mean. Those dress is fully lined, so those panels in the skirt are flirty but not too revealing. This is a totally year-round dress, bare in summer, and with a warm coat all winter. It will always look good – will make YOU look good.

I found this treasure at DressVintageattitude and the owner/curator (known as Adoration2013, love it!) says this on her About page: “Love shopping vintage dresses and skirts. I feel confident and happy when I rock my vintage dresses. They always satisfy my eagerness for clothes. They are divine!” And that kind of says it all.

Oh. Except. One more really important feature: this blue dress, this cobalt royal treasure that will make you look divine, costs $19.50 USD plus shipping. Yes. You read that correctly.

And now you’re already gone, because you are shopping at this wonderful boutique. You can thank me later 😉

Glass earring jewels….more colors :-)

And now we get back to our main love – sparkly glass jewels. These are a few unexpected combinations I put together on my work desk, just to see how they’d fit together:

colorful glass jewel combinations from my jewelry supplies shop

Any of these could be used “as is”, and they’d be charming. Combining unusual colors and shapes is a fun way to up your game 🙂

And of course you can customize – and get exactly the colors you need for your event or, say, your bridesmaids. Custom colors – just what you want and need – this is a win!

Dogtag necklace, a gift for Dad

This is just a small diversion from my vintage and glass jewels – I wanted to mention that dogtag necklaces are a great gift for dad. Dogtag necklaces that have the Japanese kanji that says, for example, Ronin, or Honor, or Bushido. Like this one:

dogtag necklace that says Bushido in Japanese kanji... a great gift for Dad

That’s one of the most popular of my kanji dogtag necklace series. Which possibly says something about the guys in our lives: they appreciate Bushido, the way of the warrior. And, you know, we appreciate them: sometimes they like to know that 🙂

Just wanted to mention it. Now back to my regularly scheduled girly jewelry.

To the men and women of the Armed Forces – Thank you!

For all the fancy words, for all the debts and gratitude, it boils down to this: my heartfelt thank you to every man and woman who serves their country. In peace and war, with the gift of their time and sometimes their lives – you are appreciated, every day.

american flag celebrating Memorial Day

Thank you for your service, your dedication, and your sacrifice.

Glass jewel set stones colors

One of the advantages of making your own jewelry (or, having a jewelry supply shop!) is that you can make exactly the jewelry you want. You can choose the color – or combinations – or shapes, sizes, metal colors. It’s like a smorgasbord all for you, and you get to choose the goodies. For instance, if I wanted to make some earrings to go with the totally adorable vintage sundress I posted about a few days ago, any of these lovely set stone combos would be great.

glass jewel set stones in many colors

And aside from saving money (which come on, is usually pretty important) the beauty of DIY is that: you can get what you want. That’s worth repeating.

You can get WHAT YOU WANT. Go for it.

Vintage halter dress – just in time for summer

This dress totally restores my faith in vintage (okay, I hadn’t actually lost it. But still!) This is just what I’m looking for – a goodlooking, wearable, flattering, one-of-a-kind vintage dress.

vintage floral halter dress from Vintage Dinosaur Shop

I know you understand: this is why I love vintage. It’s all those good things I mentioned above – and it’s not a size 2! Score extra points for that. I found it at the Vintage Dinosaur Shop on Etsy, and I am definitely bookmarking this shop. The owners/curators, Emily and Jennifer, have great vision – and they give you the visual information you need to make an online purchase.

And their clothes are Affordable. I am totally in love. You’re welcome 🙂

PS And did you notice? This dress is FUN.

Triple rhinestone jewels – choose your color

I recently added another color combination to my collection of “triples” – glass earring (or pendant) dangle beads that actually have three rhinestone jewels. I’m already getting a super response to this emerald, aqua, and crystal combination:

emerald green, aqua blue, and crystal rhinestone triple jewels in golden raw brass settings

A little added perk to these “triple” listings is that I can offer a “choose your color” option – there are several color variations (and of course you can always let me know what colors *you* want and I’ll create a combo just for you 🙂

I’ve said it before: it’s all personal. If you can get just the colors you want, well, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Yeah. Thought so.

Tribal boho silver pendants

These necklace focals (pendants) were called Boho the other day – and I think that’s a good tag. I’d been thinking of them as “tribal” – but they are maybe closer to the way we think of “Boho”. A little bit earthy, a little bit off-beat, maybe a little funky too? (Boy is that an outdated word…)

silver finish tribal boho pendants in my Etsy shop

You know I love sparkly girly jewelry. But there are times when we want something a little off-center, a little androgynous, a little bit funky too? Yeah. Sometimes that really works. I’m going to be exploring more in that direction.

I’ll be curious to see what you think (let me know!)

Upcycled boho sundress – trending AND unique

I love it when I find unique, attractive, upcycled clothing. That’s what fashion is all about, yknow?

green upcycled boho sundress from Pandoras Passions

Let me tell you about this dress. You don’t need me to say it’s fab to look at: you’ve got eyes. It is also washable (hey, upcycled fabrics, which is not only uber cool but means these fabrics are *durable* or they would be long gone). The neckline is flattering – and the seaming offers some structure and support without being all pokey. The little tie at the back waist means you can make it fit you *exactly*. The handkerchief-hem is fun and flirty.

And. You’ll be wearing a garment that nobody else has. It will be YOURS alone. And it’s made from upcycled fbrics, I’m repeating that, because it is so cool. And on top of that? This dress is a great value!

I found it at Pandora’s Passions upcycled clothing boutique on Etsy. I’m loving this shop. Terri, the designer/owner, needs to be encouraged to do more of her wonderful work. It’s fun, flattering, affordable – unique.

And eco-friendly. And gorgeous. This is a win!

Amethyst and jonquil glass jewels

A customer recently bought these particular jewels for his wife (and asked me to create earrings with them, which is wonderfully simple with the addition of jump rings and earwires). She took the time to write me afterward and tell me how much she loved them.

amethyst and jonquil glass jewels available in my Etsy shop

I have to say, I was kind of impressed with the husband for thinking of it 😉 And with her courtesy in writing.

She said she was going to send me a pic of her wearing them – as soon as I get it, I’ll post it here!