Vintage pink wiggle dress

Seriously, I have found the most enchanting dress. I know I’ve said this before, but LOOK. It’s just. Exactly what a dress should be.

vintage pink wiggle dress

I found it at Voyeur Vintage on Etsy and as you can imagine, the owner Tania has some wonderful and delectable finds. Well, you knew that, as soon as you saw her fabulous photo: not only is this the best dress you will have seen in years, but the staging and the accessories are beyond wonderful.

This dress, this oh-this-little-thing-that-I-just-happened-to-put-on is totally going to, well, it could transform your closet. Or your date. Or your life. Or none of the above, but, you know, just be fun and fabulous and make you feel like a queen. Isn’t that what a dress is supposed to do?

Crystal post earrings…a classic!

Well okay, these are not post earrings, yet. They are the classic rhinestone octagon jewels that will be post earrings as soon as you add the posts. But come on, that’s just a detail 🙂

crystal octagon beads in no ring silver settings for stud or button earrings

Even if you (usually) like chandelier, dangling earrings, there are times when you want a small, comfortable earring that sits there quietly and still looks fabulous. Maybe you’re having a Serious Meeting (with conservative types). Or meeting your (possibly conservative) in-laws. Or you just don’t want your earrings hanging down while you chop firewood for your cabin. (Hey! guy in the back! women can cut firewood, you know.)

My point? find some earring posts and some jewelry glue (use the good stuff). Add posts to these flat-back settings. You will have created a simple, classic pair of earrings that will be in style for approximately 40 centuries. (Yes I’m exaggerating, except I’m not because these will always be in style.)

Seriously. Always.

Vintage black and white sundress

And here’s a(nother) terrific example of why I love vintage. Is this dress not adorable?

vintage black and white sundress from Reds Vintage Threads

True, it isn’t really old vintage. It’s only 20 or 30 years old. Somehow that doesn’t bother me (and yes I’m being a little snarky). It’s a totally cool dress – literally and figuratively. It would be uber flattering. It would be comfy. And I’d have to doublecheck the fabric but I bet it’s washable too. Ergo: the perfect summer dress. Not too dressy – but pretty – can be worn anywhere and feel as good as it looks.

And it’s – you are not going to believe this – it is $15.00. Fifteen dollars! It’s available from Reds Vintage Threads vintage shop on Etsy – and Maegan, the owner, has LOTS of goodies there.

Like I said – totally of the good – go shopping!

Light amethyst glass jewels

This shimmering, sheer light amethyst purple is one of the prettiest colors (okay, color ranges) for summer.

light amethyst purple sheer glass jewels... find them at weekendjewelry jewelry supplies shop at etsy

And yes – as pretty much always – there are differences in the colors! They’re all “light amethyst” – and they coordinate beautifully – but different manufacturers from different years (decades) didn’t always make exactly the same color.

Of course if you need your jewels to match, we can do that too. And yes, they’re all available in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop. The ones I show here are the sheer jewels (no foil backs) – they have a different sort of sparkle than the foil-back amethyst. You can find those too 😉

Smoky topaz glass jewels set

First I have to say I love this color, so I’m biased. But aren’t these gorgeous?

smoky topaz glass jewels set in my jewelry supplies online shop

They’re neutral – but not dull and boring. The classic octagon jewel is a wonderful necklace focal, whether you display it simply on a chain or add a cluster of pearls, filigree or gems. The oval earring jewels are great slipped on an earwire “as is” but they can also be made into jewelry connectors (one loop or ring at each end of the setting) so you can use them in bracelets, to connect pearls and gems to your classic rhinestones – the possibilities are practically endless. You can even get them in a no-ring, closed back setting and turn them into button earrings.

So: classic smoky topaz. Gorgeous faceting. Great with a summer tan or winter blacks. And when you do it yourself – well, you know how much you save? A lot (four bucks and change versus, well, whatever the traffic will bear in a jewelry shop).

Win-win 🙂

Vintage Two-Tone Stiletto Pumps – yes!

Possibly I am obsessing over great vintage finds these days – and when I saw these pumps? Oh my 😉

vintage two tone stiletto pumps

Now some people would think of these as “Fall” season shoes. Au contraire! Think about it: this is June. I would wear these today, with a white wiggle dress. Sleeveless. Black and/or brown piping or square neckline. Sleeveless. Big white earrings. Bangles out the yazoo. Can’t you see it?

And then yes, come fall, pull out the Classic Black Suit (vintage of course), add brown Chanel belt and bag (hey, we can dream) and you will look like a million bucks.

These shoes? Def part of that look. Love it.

And bonus! These are available at Sweet Nancy Vintage shop on Etsy – and she is moving cross country – everything is ON SALE. Go shopping there – you will thank me!

Vintage 1950s Wiggle Dress

I’m revisiting one of my favorite vintage shops, JDBok on Etsy and found this fabulous dress:

vintage 1950s floral wiggle dress

Is that not a wonderful dress? Great for summer days or nights. Dress it up or down. Girly – but comfortable I think. I’d wear it with flat sandals or very bare high heels – and great big hoop earrings. Big tote bag. Sunscreen. Vivid lipstick. Killer.

And: it is $30.00. For this great, you’ll wear it forever, dress. You see why I love this shop?

(Note – if the dress is sold when you go peek, believe me there are more goodies. Win-win!)

Fuschia pink glass jewels

These little jewel charms are just a fun way to add a bit of color to your summer outfit!

fuschia pink glass jewel earring charms

These are just a smidge under 1″ high. Large enough to be noticed – but still lightweight and delicate. Add some earwires and you’re good to go. Or find a silver chain, add a jump ring to this fuschia charm, and you’ve got a darling little lavalier necklace.

Does it seem like fuschia is my favorite color? Summer sandals, summer dress… no, fuschia’s not my fave color. But it’s a good one. Sometimes you just want a girly punch of pink!