Aqua and crystal earring jewels

These aqua beads have two glass jewels, a sparkling aqua round “rivoli” jewel (the faceting comes to a point rather than being “table cut”) – and a tiny sparkling rhinestone chaton. They’re a fine example of simple, easy to use, and beautiful. You really don’t need to do a bunch of Stuff to have a lovely pair of earrings.

aqua and crystal glass earring jewels

They’re about 3/4″ long, large enough to have “presence” – and to add color and sparkle to your outfit. But they’re not big and heavy. It’s easy to use them – just add earwires (or leverbacks, my favorite). But you could also dangle them from other crystals, from jeweled links, from wire-wrapped pearls. Make them into long dangles if you like.

Still: used exactly “as is” (whether in the patina brass settings shown, or golden raw brass, or shining silver plate) – they’re lovely earrings. Perfect for your bridesmaid – or your bridal earrings. Perfect for gifts. Perfect for you.

This is what easy DIY is about. Perfect for you.

Light colorado topaz jewels

The color known in the jewelry trade as ‘light colorado topaz’ is a wonderful golden tan, not too dark, that is totally reminiscent of champagne. Or the color we think of as “champagne”. Or a rich beautiful sparkling mysterious light lovely topaz.

You get the idea I think this is a good color? That would be a Yes 🙂

light colorado topaz glass jewels in my online jewelry shop Weekendjewelry1 on Etsy

These are just a few of the shapes I have in my Etsy jewelry supplies shop in this lovely color. It’s so flattering (not too yellow-greenish, not too washed-out beige) and easy to wear. It looks rich (i.e., reference to ‘champagne’ I mentioned earlier). It’s great for bridesmaids – and brides. And if you stretch a bit, it’s even the birthstone color for November (topaz).

It’s just a GOOD COLOR. And girls love it 🙂

Vintage technicolor jacket :-)

Now this is why vintage is cool. Take a look at this totally wearable, everyday, just-for-fun jacket:

vintage technicolor bomber jacket

It’s basically just a baseball jacket. It’s casual, it’s not meant to be Grand, it’s probably fairly lightweight. Perfect for fall days or nights when you just need a little something. The thing is, somebody decided to make it fun. It’s hand-embroidered, it’s got lots of colors, it’s not super expensive, and you’re definitely not going to see a bunch of them running around the neighborhood.

I found it at Last Call by T a new vintage shop on Etsy. Tierney, the shop owner, has a great eye. She gives details, she has good clear photos, she finds good stuff. This is the kind of shop we all want to find 😉

It’s why vintage is fun. Something a little different, something you can enjoy without stressing about it. Just wear it 🙂